2013 Retrospective

This is the overview for 2013 that I originally posted back in January. Actually, I wrote it in December 2012. It’s instructive to read over it and see how the predictions made using Mystical Numerology actually worked out. Not everything came true, of course. But overall, the reading was pretty accurate.

2013 Overview

We are at the very beginning of time for the human race. It is not unreasonable that we grapple with problems. … Our responsibility is to do what we can, learn what we can, improve the solutions, and pass them on. ~Richard Feynman~

The energy shifted on 21-December-2012 as the Earth made an alignment with the central sun of our Milky Way Galaxy and began year zero of a new 25,960-year cycle. But, as I predicted a year ago, it was a subtle shift – more like turning up the dimmer switch a notch or two than flipping the enlightenment switch from spiritually asleep to totally awake. While more and more people are waking up, it is clear that we have not yet achieved a critical mass. Collectively, we still have a long way to go as a human species to fully move into a state of heightened perception.

Yet, a shift has taken place. The energy is different – a higher frequency. And, it affects everything. Something is ending, and something new has just begun. Many of you are feeling it. This is an exciting time to be alive!

Endings and beginnings – that is what 2013 is about. It will very likely be a pivotal year, a year of choice points and challenges, a year of revelations and discoveries, shifts in systems and structures, and a year of continued evolution and change in our collective consciousness. After all, we are in the time of the apocalypse, a word that comes from the Middle English meaning “revelation,” and the Latin apocalypsis meaning to “uncover” or “lift the veil.” We are at the beginning of the time of no more secrets, when many things kept hidden or covered up will be revealed.

It is also clear that the polarity of the planet has shifted from masculine to feminine – an energetic shift that happens roughly every 13,000 years. Not only will women be stepping more fully into their power but men will more easily be able to express their compassionate side. Perhaps the planetary shift to the feminine energy will eventually help bring more peace, tolerance and understanding. But, nothing seems to change over night. It will take some time for this to unfold.

Numerological Aspects for 2013

There are two aspects to 2013 that, in combination, point to an exciting year of growth, new discoveries and technological progress. First, 2013 is a “6” Universal Year: 2+0+1+3 = 6. 2013 is also the 13th year of the new century, and carries the energy of the “13.”

These two energies combine to highlight the following:

• Endings and beginnings, personal change;
• Spiritual principles, heightened perception, “ancestors,” revelations;
• Relationships with both people and things; issues requiring forgiveness;
• People and society in general: social cohesion and social ties, dialogue and sharing, finding middle ground;
• Volunteers, networks and networking; giving something back for blessings received;
• Personal versus temporal power;
• Emotional wellness and individual happiness;
• Success, wealth, and reward systems (like who gets taxed and who doesn’t, Medicare and healthcare, etc.);
• New discoveries, technological change and breakthroughs;
• Revolutionary change, cultural upheaval, polarity and imbalance;
• Bureaucratic paralysis, feeling aimless.

2013 Favors: (+) Awakeners, Catalysts for Change … Influencers, Originators, Trendsetters … Coordinators, Communicators, Facilitators … Experts, Mentors, Teachers … Volunteers, Grassroots Efforts … Philosophers, Poets & Writers; (-) Arrogant, Prideful, Cynical People … Scarcity and Underachievers … Issues of Avoidance, Indecision, Insecurity, Incapability, Polarity … Agitators, Dictators, Fanaticism, Traitors … Bureaucratic Paralysis, Confrontation, Hatefulness … Rebels, Rule-Breakers … Negative/Codependent Relationships.

2013 will be a time of new discoveries, new innovations, new breakthroughs and beginnings. Being year zero on the Mayan calendar, perhaps it is not too great a stretch to say that 2013 will lay the foundation for the new age that is beginning, the new consciousness – and not just at the level of technology, but on all levels.

“6” years bring a general focus on social issues. “13” years can also bring a focus on social change and human rights. 1713 was a year of peace treaties. 1913 was a year when the first minimum wage law was passed in the U.S. (Oregon), and when voting rights were an issue in the U.S., Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the U.S. the National Women’s Party was formed to bring pressure on government for a woman’s right to vote. Miner’s rights were a big issue in South Africa, and Gandhi was arrested that year for his support of the miners.

I expect 2013 to also be a year of social change, as people work consciously or unconsciously to realign themselves with the new energy. This will not be all fun and games. Individually and collectively, we are being prompted to break free from what no longer serves our highest good, and to leave behind what no longer fits so we can come into alignment with the higher energy on the planet.

Change is scary for many people. Something new and not fully defined is beginning to overturn the established order. This shakes up the status quo and creates uncertainty. Old support systems and structures either change or begin to fall apart. The old guard locks down into fear – including lots of average people. Power brokers and moneyed interests dig their collective heels in to resist the change. Bureaucratic paralysis and increased polarization is a result. This is part of the change process that is underway, as you already know. The process will continue throughout 2013.

“6” years can bring instability in the form of earthquakes, tornadoes, unexpected disasters, revolutions and the overthrow of governments. It can also bring assassinations (e.g. Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Yitzak Rabin, the genocide in Srebrenica, the crucifixion of Jesus – all of these happened during “6” years).

Perhaps the important thing to recognize is that there is a strong connection with ancestral wisdom and the spirit realm throughout 2013. If you need help in your own change process, ask for it! You will be supported, but you first have to take the initiative to ask for help.

At a practical level, the energy of 2013 strengthens your life force. It is a good year to get into action to do something practical. Use your energy, talent and experience to build something lasting this year. What this looks like will depend entirely upon you. The point is that this period is a great time to move a project forward. “13” is the energy of success and wealth. So, be bold and do whatever you do with self-assurance.

Joseph Rael, a contemporary American Indian mystic, shaman, writer and artist, says that we are moving into the time of the “Horn of Plenty.” This will bring us greater abundance, depending on our focus. As Joseph describes it:

“From now on, we are going to get plenty of everything we focus and act on. If we focus on conflict, we will get more conflict. However, if we focus on peace we will get plenty of peace. As soon as we focus on a goal, the universe will take us in that direction.”

In other words, more than ever before, what you think about and what you act on will be what you get. Focus on abundance, and it is yours. Focus on austerity and scarcity and it is also yours. The choice is up to you.

Although I believe this has always been true, what is different in 2013 is that the energy has shifted. We are living in a new, higher energy that will more easily manifest our intentions. The image I get is that we are like actors standing in front of a green screen onto which is projected, in 3D, our thoughts and intentions. We each are the creators of our individual and collective experience.

So, focus on health, happiness, social harmony and peace, beneficial progress, abundance and prosperity for yourself and others. In short, make your creation a good one this year!