About John B. Pehrson

John B Pehrson, AuthorJohn Pehrson is the creator of a new numerological system called Mystical Numerology that is different from traditional western numerology in several significant ways:

  1. It uses a new 13-month calendar specially developed for this new system of numerology
  2. It treats the vowel sounds as the fundamental energies of creation that are not assigned numbers
  3. It integrates teachings from the Native American Medicine Wheel, and K’iche Mayan teachings about the archetypal energies in their spiritual calendar

With an educational background as a chemical engineer, Pehrson has translated his love of numbers and understanding of the power of sound into a fascinating and potentially life-changing look at the ancient science of numerology.

Pehrson is also co-author of Intuitive Imagery, A Resource at Work, and is one of the foremost teachers on applied intuition in both business and personal life. He is a published author on community and learning in business, and co-creator of the Pathway to the Open Heart process.

With an international career spanning more than 30 years, his workshops and seminars have guided organizations, groups, and individuals, promoting creativity and connectedness in multicultural environments. With his wife, Jeanne White Eagle, he travels the world teaching, counseling and working to create expanded awareness through sacred dance, deep dialogue, the practice of applied intuition, and the transformative power of sound and numbers.