Mystical Numerology Book

Mystical Numerology Book“Mystical Numerology is a practical introduction to a new science of numbers which opens up new vistas and avenues of self-exploration and growth for both the beginner and the seasoned numerologist. In its integration of ancient wisdom traditions from many cultures with both number symbolism and sound, Mystical Numerology is unique in the field of numerology and goes far beyond the usual books to offer insights that resonate with the soul. Reflecting thousands of hours of research and application of the theory to the lives of real people, Pehrson’s pioneering tour de force offers a valuable way for us to access the power of numbers to help guide us through this transitional time. In its articulation of a new 13-month calendar, it can help shift global culture into a new, more viable paradigm. This is a work not just to be read but to be mined, applied to daily living and made a companion on life’s journey.” ~ Susan E. Mehrtens, President of the Jungian Center for the Spiritual Sciences

I wrote Mystical Numerology: The Creative Power of Sound and Numbers to be both a teaching tool and a reference. If you practice what I have presented in the book, it will take you from the basics to a level of proficiency in this new system of numerology that will provide you deep personal insights. It will also give you a window of understanding into other people in your life, and into the larger energies that govern both people and events through time.

This book is also a reference on the meanings of the numbers 1–22 that represent the 22 paths on the Native American Medicine Wheel. It offers a new look at the number meanings, the result of years of research and application in the real world. No other book on the market gives you such a complete look at these individual archetypal energies. The deeper meanings of the numbers also include their K’iche Mayan correspondences. This is a reference that you will want to keep for years and refer to time after time.

If you have any interest in numerology, you will find this to be an gorgeous book. Eltanin Publishing has exceeded even my high expectations. The digital eBook is a masterpiece of programming. Compared to other eBooks I have purchased, this one is easy to navigate around in, find what you’re looking for, explore footnotes and return to the place from which you started, highlight sections and make notes (depending on your eBook reader).

The print version is also beautiful. The font is fairly large and easy to read, the paper is a nice quality, and the book just “feels” good when you are holding it. Joe Nusbaum and Cathy Ryan at Eltanin Publishing have done a wonderful job with this book, and have my deepest gratitude for their work.

The book can be purchased from and Barnes & Noble (especially for Kindle and Nook eBook versions). As it makes its way through the distribution system, I am sure you will eventually be able to find it from other booksellers, as well. You can also order the print version directly from here because they actually produce the print-on-demand paperback version.

I hope you will buy a copy and tell your friends about it. My hope is that you will find many hours of enjoyment from the book, and that Mystical Numerology will enrich your life as much as it has mine.

John Pehrson

Excerpt From Chapter 1: Mystical Numerology – Getting Started

“To become a true human, one must be conscious of listening and hearing

the voice of the Great Mystery speaking through everything.

The activity of sound is what made the people.”

~Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow~

Mystical Numerology is a system that is really based on sound and vibration. Everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration. Everything from the smallest subatomic particle to the largest galaxy has a characteristic vibrational frequency, a characteristic sound. Sound has the power to create reality, and everything is vibrating-sounding-singing itself into existence.

The most fundamental energy in the universe may be consciousness, a fact that frontier science is beginning to confirm. Sound, directed by the energy of consciousness, has the power to create our reality. This is the reason that sacred chants are so powerful, why beautiful music or birdsongs can touch our soul, and why inspiring words can lift us up.

Energy directed by consciousness through sound and vibration creates the reality we experience. Mystical Numerology is the systematic study of the fundamental vibrations in words, names and dates that carry this power of creation. These vibrations are described by the vowel sounds, consonants, and the archetypal numbers 1—22. Mystical Numerology uses these fundamental sounds (energies) to “map” the patterns created by our names and the numbers of our birthdates so we can gain deeper understanding – of ourselves, of others, of relationships, and of the patterns that exist in nature and events in the world.

Learn more or purchase the book at

Learn more or purchase the book at

“Several years ago, I had been using John’s Mayan Calendar as a tool in my daily Spiritual Practice to help prepare me for my day. I found this invaluable, and still do. However, I was not prepared to be suddenly let go from my job. I first went to a place of panic, but within a matter of hours I knew that the best thing to do was call John to get a Mystical Numerology Reading. After an extremely insightful and powerful reading, I felt competent to handle whatever was to come my way; which was a job offered the very next day paying more money than I had ever made before and allowing me to travel extensively.  I highly recommend incorporating the tools that John has given to us as a constructive way to navigate through our daily lives.” ~ Marti Ackerman, Colorado, USA ~

“I realized even more than before how important is your work. How you choose your master work of the numerology and that you are one of the few great teachers, or at least the knowledge keeper – as I know that you know much more then you bring to the people.” ~ Haghit Rosenberg, Israel ~

Intuitive Imagery: A Resource At Work by John B. Pehrson & Susan E. Mehrtens, 1997