ConsultationsConsultations are by appointment only, and generally take place by phone or Skype since my clients tend to be spread around the world. I am available for face-to-face meetings if you are in the area and we can agree on a place and time.

Mystical Numerology Readings

A Mystical Numerology Reading can be comprehensive, as described here. It can also be more targeted and focused on specific questions.

Investment: $100 per person without typewritten report; $150 with report since it takes an extensive amount of time to type it up!

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Sessions using Intuitive Imagery

Upon request, or given the type of issue that you wish to discuss, I may recommend a process called Intuitive Imagery. This process gently bypasses the ego and gets to the heart of a matter in an amazingly short time. It is a very effective way to get to the real truth of an issue. It is especially effective as an aid to making decisions on important issues.

I use Intuitive Imagery on two levels in private sessions with people. First, many people want help in gaining insight about important issues in their lives. They may want guidance in making important decisions such as changing jobs, moving to new locations, relationship issues, diet and health issues, investment decisions, and so on. Or, they may want general guidance about the special gifts they have to offer the world, or their life purpose, or what’s blocking them from becoming more healthy or successful. Intuitive Imagery is able to access an individual’s “inner genius” to provide deep insight and “higher guidance” that can help in all of these areas.

At a deeper level, people often work with me to discover and heal what’s out of balance in their lives. Intuitive Imagery is also a process for energetic healing – whether on mental, emotional, physical or spiritual levels. So, as blockages and unconscious patterns are brought to the surface to look at, the process also helps to heal or transform them. In this way, the Intuitive Imagery is as powerful as using something like Reiki energy but the participant is more actively involved in the process.

For a fuller explanation of the process, you can look up my book on Intuitive Imagery, A Resource At Work.

Intuitive Imagery sessions generally last between 60 – 75 minutes.  Investment: $100 per person.

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