Daily Energies for March 2017

Beginnings & Hope

Wednesday, 1-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Batz; Universal Day – 29/11: Ash Wednesday. Zero Discrimination Day.

Something new is beginning, arising, emerging – maybe just out of sight. This burgeoning new growth can give today an upbeat, inspiring and even an unbounded feel.

Gabriel, the messenger, is one of today’s archetypes. Be attentive to messages and insights that come, perhaps unbidden. Think outside-the-box and allow yourself to be guided.

This is a powerful day for seers, healers and teachers.

Shadow: There is new growth taking place, but it can push you off-balance. You can struggle with new challenges. That said, it is a better day than most to solve family problems.

Watch out for pride and big egos today. There is a tendency to feel inadequate and find fault with others. Arrogant, ignorant or coercive people can make it worse.

Quote for the Day: As soon as you open your mind to doing things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges. ~Jay Abraham~

Thursday, 2-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 E; Universal Day – 30/3:

This is a day to incubate and hatch new plans and ideas. The underlying energy of transformation helps to lift your spirit and help you to see beyond the horizon.

This can be a very creative day. Get into action … and do something wonderful!

It is a favorable day for negotiations, signing contracts, or starting a new venture. Today is also a good day to travel.

Shadow: Don’t let anger get the best of you today. It can rise up suddenly from a small spark, like a wildfire in the bush. Insecurity can be the spark because it can make you defensive.

Passive-aggressive behaviors and marital tension are shadow aspects, as well – arising, perhaps, from repressed and unspoken desires or resentments.

Quote for the Day: Phases of the creative process: Preparation – gathering impressions; Incubation – letting go of certainties; Immersion/Illumination – creative intervention/risk; Revision – conscious structuring and editing of creative material. ~Gail Sheehy~

Friday, 3-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Aj; Universal Day – 31/4: World Wildlife Day.

This is a day of power and renewal. Use your voice to connect with the Divine and call to yourself what you need: through affirmations and/or the power of spontaneous song.

There is a strongly mental aspect to the day that can activate your inner genius. You can be a pathfinder for yourself and others. Be adaptable and seek to be in harmony with others.

Shadow: Today’s energy can be emotional, and shift the ground beneath your feet. If you are rigid and stubborn, you can lose your footing and make mistakes. So, be pliable.

People can need a lot of understanding. Watch out for jealousy as it can cause relationship problems.

Quote for the Day: Those who follow are always behind. ~A. Y. Jackson~

Saturday, 4-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Ix; Universal Day – 32/5: Venus goes retrograde, 5:08A EST.

Goddess energy ripples through the day bringing the power to conceive, create and encourage. It is a day to honor beauty in all its forms, including women and mothers.

Feminine energy opens your emotions to receive the infinite. It also brings the intelligence, astuteness, strength and daring of a tigress moving fluidly through the jungle.

Fluidity and flow are key attributes for being in harmony with today’s energy.

Shadow: This is a good day to be with family and friends. But, avoid situations that are upsetting and people who are overbearing and difficult.

This is a day that balances karma. Sudden shifts can take you by surprise. Oh, joy.

Quote for the Day: Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. ~Doreen Valiente~

Sunday, 5-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Tzikin; Universal Day – 33/6:

This is the day of the Eagle, who flies the highest and can bring messages from Creator. Today strengthens intuition and dreams, the messengers of the soul. Tune in and be aware.

Today is also about energy flow. Say a prayer today that the richness and treasures of the earth continue to flow into and through your life, and that success follows your efforts.

Shadow: A lot of energy is moving through the day. It can make people temperamental, irresponsible and prone to exaggeration.

There can also be a tendency to get too serious, forget to take care of yourself and get too worked up about things. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Quote for the Day: Each man [and woman] is good in the Creator’s sight. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows. ~Sitting Bull~

Monday, 6-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 34/7:

Today can bring camaraderie and friendly relationships. It is a good day for teams, small group learning and solving problems. You can mix more easily with all types of people.

Personal determination and drive bring completion and the rewards of achievement.

Today favors forgiveness and reconciliation, and actions that promote the social good.

Shadow: Today’s energy opens you up. It urges you to give of yourself by, for instance, being an advocate for friends. This is a good thing when in balance, unless you cross boundaries.

It also can lead people fall in love more easily, something that sounds good but can create problems. The flipside is feeling overwhelmed and seeing the world in desperation.

Quote for the Day: Only a life lived for others is worth living. ~Albert Einstein~

Tuesday, 7-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Noj; Universal Day – 35/8:

This is a day of knowledge and wisdom. It is a great day to nurture inner knowing and your sense of personal power and ability. It is a powerful day for exploration and discovery.

What new things are on the horizon for you? You can more easily see into the future today and assess the outcomes of your actions.

Let go of things that no longer fit who you are becoming.

Shadow: Today’s energy bestows the ability to align inner motivations with outer actions. But, the shadow can cause you to lose the self-awareness necessary to achieve your goals.

You can be inflexible and slow to act. This can cause frustration and defensiveness. Be sure your brain is engaged before you put your mouth in gear. Filter your words through love.

Quote for the Day: We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. ~George Bernard Shaw~

Wednesday, 8-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Tijax; Universal Day – 36/9: International Women’s Day.

Today’s Mayan Energy is the spiritual guide of medicine, making this a powerful healing day for all kinds of illnesses. It is also an auspicious day to solve even the most difficult problems.

Whether you are healing the physical body, an emotional or mental issue, or solving a problem in your life, the first step is to be in a state of gratitude for the blessings you have.

Today favors healers, caretakers, spiritual guides, dreamers, decision-makers and athletes.

Shadow: This is a day that can bring good fortune but the shadow can bring up inner fears and highlight personal inadequacies and inhibitions.

Stay away from gossip, and avoid emotional dramas.

Quote for the Day: Sometimes your medicine bottle has on it, ‘Shake well before using.’ That is what God has to do with some of His people. He has to shake them well before they are very usable. ~Vance Havner~

Thursday, 9-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Kawoq; Universal Day – 37/10: World Kidney Day.

Today is about expansion, the strength of unity, greater consciousness, the unfolding of the cosmic plan, growth and fertility. All of these things start with family, friends and community.

This is the ideal day to spend quality time with your family, do something nice for a friend, or engage in work to benefit your community.

Today also supports seekers who look for answers and make course corrections, and people who put effort into new beginnings.

Shadow: You can be tempted to take on someone else’s issue or get involved in something that is really not yours to carry, and maybe not really any of your business.

Avoid sticky entanglements, and respect appropriate boundaries – including your own.

Quote for the Day: One God, many faces. / One family, many races. / One truth, many paths. / One heart, many complexions. / One light, many reflections. / One world, many imperfections. / ONE. / We are all one, But many. ~Suzy Kasseem~

Friday, 10-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Ajpu; Universal Day – 38/11:

This is a high-energy day that brings clarity, sparks creativity and helps you manifest goals and desires. It’s a good day to push against boundaries, take risks, and make life changes.

Today’s energy is symbolized by the spirit of sunlight and universal love. It is also about the breath, and the power of sound to promote change and healing.

It favors musicians, facilitators, teachers, illuminators, and defenders of those who are less capable or in need.

Shadow: Passing spiritual tests is today’s growth aspect. Sometimes, life stirs the pot to free you from old patterns and put you on the right track. But, this is never a lot of fun.

You may have to deal with adversity, discontinuity and unpredictable change, or emotional issues like self-pity or feelings of inadequacy, or simply facing the results of bad judgment.

Quote for the Day: The word is a force you cannot see, but you can see the manifestation of that force, the expression of the word, which is your own life. ~Don Miguel Ruiz~

Saturday, 11-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Imox; Universal Day – 39/12:

This is a good day for achievers and visionaries and initiators. It is a day of innovation, a day when you can not only think outside the box, but you can get rid of the box altogether!

You are connected with the global mind today through your intuitive senses, and more open and receptive to information and insights that come from this Higher Mind. … Pay attention!

Shadow: Today can bring balance to disorder, but beware! The underlying forces are powerful and sometimes explosive. People can be rebellious, hypercritical – and bitchy.

Today’s energy can amplify stress, nasty tempers, and mental disorders. It can bring violent tendencies to the surface. This is NOT a day to get into an argument.

Quote for the Day: You have all the reason in the world to achieve your grandest dreams. Imagination plus innovation equals realization. ~Denis Waitley~

Sunday, 12-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Iq; Universal Day – 40/4: Daylight Savings Time Begins. Full Moon in Virgo, 10:54A EDT. Purim Starts.

Today’s energy supports committed effort to do something that serves others. Work is worship, and where we place our attention and put our efforts is a prayer.

Today can be stimulating and invigorating – intuitively, mentally and physically. It’s a good day to make decisions, take action, complete tasks and goals, and make a new beginning.

Executives, managers, decision-makers, innovators and dreamers are favored.

Shadow: Put on your flexible shoes today; adopt an adaptable attitude. Today’s energy can create whirlwinds and hurricanes. People can be erratic, impulsive, temperamental and fickle.

If you are caught in the shadow, you can easily misjudge people and/or events. You can also be unsure, feel like you are in free-fall, and find it difficult to get your footing.

Quote for the Day: Miracles … seem to me to rest not so much upon … healing power coming suddenly near us from afar but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that, for a moment, our eyes can see and our ears can hear what is there around us always. ~Will Cather~

Monday, 13-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Aqabal; Universal Day – 41/5: Holi (Hindu Festival)

Today’s energy urges you forward to create a sustainable sense of freedom in your life. It is the power of new beginnings working through disciplined effort that brings you blessings.

You can see both sides of an issue more easily today.

Today favors lucid dreams, sudden insights and epiphanies, endings and beginnings. If you have considered starting a new project or venture, this is one of the best days to begin.

Shadow: You might feel stuck. Indeed, you can feel forsaken by friends and family, tangled up in the web of life, and a slave to the people and events that swirl around you.

Lungs, kidneys and stomach are highlighted today.

Quote for the Day: Freedom lies in being bold. ~Robert Frost~

Tuesday, 14-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Kat; Universal Day – 15: Month 4 Begins. Pi Day.

A new month begins (on my 13-month calendar). You may feel the energy shift. Mental energy is strengthened. Decisions may get easier. Put things in order. Focus on the practical.

This is a day to carry and convey ideas, ground them and give them roots. The energy is expansive, fast-paced; a day for movement, taking action and connecting with others.

Shadow: Today can be a turning point for you. But, you can get trapped in a net of your own making. You can feel dispassionate, spiritless, full of angst, and suffer from a creative block.

A tendency to be overly analytical can make people inflexible. People can also be plainspoken, blunt and quick to anger. These behaviors may be a cover for inner fears.

Quote for the Day: History-makers recognize the shift in times and seasons. ~Sunday Adelaja~

Wednesday, 15-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Kan; Universal Day – 16:

This can be a day of new possibilities, new frontiers, and fundamental change. The underlying energy is propulsive and adds forward movement. Take advantage of it to accomplish goals.

Today’s energy is what I call “The Mastermind.” It brings a connection with the collective mind and bestows a sense direct knowing (knowing without knowing how you know).

You can use this “mastermind” energy to distill and synthesize lots of information into a coherent strategy for next steps.

Shadow: The upside brings new possibilities; the shadow brings limitedness and closed-mindedness. You may feel uncommunicative and frustrated.

Alternately, people can feel over-stimulated and impulsive. Negative energy can cause stress, breed mistrust and needless conflict. If this happens, clear the energy with sage or song.

Quote for the Day: So many things are possible as long as you don’t know they are impossible. ~Mildred D. Taylor~

Thursday, 16-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Keme; Universal Day – 17:

Huge, titanic power infuses the day with an enterprising, transformative energy that helps to push against limits. Get into action. Shore up your foundations or begin to build new ones.

It is a good day to say prayers for people who have passed into spirit. This will also help you to feel more connected with your own ancestors and invisible guardians.

Today favors dialogue, togetherness, understanding and beauty.

Shadow: Today’s energy symbolizes an end to all things good and bad. Finish up what you can; let go of what no longer serves you – including negative thoughts and entanglements.

The positive side of today’s energy can bring deep connection; the shadow tends to foster shallowness, narrowness and fundamentalism. You may have to jump a few hurdles today.

Quote for the Day: The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. ~Arthur C. Clarke~

Friday, 17-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Kej; Universal Day – 18: St. Patrick’s Day.

Today brings an awakening impulse and adds elemental power to new beginnings, including relationships. It is a day that gives hope and bestows blessings.

This is a day of abundance, the fruits of love and understanding. It is a day to plant seeds for future success. It brings resourcefulness, persistence, balance and harmony.

Shadow: The positive energy adds forcefulness; the shadow activates fears and can make it difficult for you to stick up for yourself. Steer clear of stubbornness, and manipulative people.

It is a good day for exercise and movement but be careful. Today highlights injuries to the hands and feet.

Quote for the Day: For a seed to achieve its greatest expression, it must come completely undone. The shell cracks, its insides come out and everything changes. To someone who doesn’t understand growth, it would look like complete destruction. ~Cynthia Occelli~

Saturday, 18-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Qanil; Universal Day – 19:

Today’s energy is an extension of yesterday in the respect that anything you begin today is blessed.

It is a day to honor, cultivate and nurture relationships of all sorts – especially with children.

This is a day of fertility and procreation. It is a day to honor pregnant women, and give thanks to Mother Nature for the wondrous diversity of plants and animals.

Shadow: You may experience weak energy and difficulty in communication. Unexpressed fear and misgivings can prompt you to talk about it with someone.

You can feel rebellious and tempted to take a walk on the wild side. … Be aware that idiots and bullies may cross your path today. Resist any urge to argue or engage in bickering.

Quote for the Day: People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. ~Carl F. Newton Men~

Sunday, 19-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Toj; Universal Day – 20: St. Joseph’s Feast Day.

Puma and the Sacred Fire are the symbols of today’s energy. Puma bestows the audacity and fierceness to face doubts, clear away debts, and make atonement for misdeeds or mistakes.

Reframe your thinking about debts. Don’t harbor resentment for them. Love each debt, remembering that each one is like one of your children to whom you have given birth.

The Sacred Fire is for making offerings of gratitude to the Creator for your blessings. Giving thanks today is important especially if you don’t have a daily or weekly gratitude practice.

Shadow: This is a good day to find common purpose with others. But, people can be short-sighted and more than normally restless, aggressive or ill-tempered.

You may have to forge ahead despite inner doubts and feeling alone and a little helpless. Make the effort. Things will work out in the end.

Quote for the Day: Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude. ~Denis Waitley~

Monday, 20-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Tzi; Universal Day – 21: Vernal Equinox. Spring Begins (Northern Hemisphere). International Day of Happiness.

On this day when both night and day are of equal length, look to issues of balance in your life: between family, friends and work, in money and spending issues, and so forth.

Today’s energy brings the truth to the surface. It is no longer possible to keep secrets. As a result, this is an ideal day to seek justice, pursue legal issues, and ask for Divine intervention.

The gate of opportunity is open wide today. It is a good day to take a chance on something your inner guidance is urging you to do.

Shadow: People want to be their own authority today, and may chafe at following the rules. Authoritarians will take advantage of this energy. No matter. Things will come back around.

You can feel apprehensive and afraid without really knowing why. If so, remember that it is part of today’s energy.

Quote for the Day: The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. ~Martin Luther King Jr.~ … [I would add that it also bends towards love.]

Tuesday, 21-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Batz; Universal Day – 22: World Poetry Day. International Day of Forests.

Today is intimately connected with the thread of Destiny that unrolls through Time. Actions today ripple energetically outward to change both the future and the past.

Do something to connect with your joy today. It can shift your fortunes.

Do some planning and set goals. This is a good day for community service, and a blessed day to get married or to find greater harmony in a marriage or partnership.

Shadow: You can feel unprepared, undecided and unguided today. You can lose your emotional balance and have difficulty solving your own problems.

People with strong personalities may be more difficult to be around today. Steer clear of hatred and bigotry – including on social media and the news.

Quote for the Day: When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ~Jalaluddin Rumi~

Wednesday, 22-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 E; Universal Day – 23/5: World Water Day.

This is a good day to travel or start a new job (a different kind of journey). Communications and negotiations are blessed, as are making agreements and signing contracts.

It can be a day of intuitive insights and precognitive dreams, so take note. Mental flexibility is an aspect of today’s energy. Give yourself time to relax, play and get creative.

Today favors social bonds, counselors, life coaches, communications, friends, couples and soulmates.

Shadow: Desire and pleasure are strengthened, but so are chaos, pain and grief. You may have a tendency to see the negative side of actions and events.

Your insecurities are up for review, including fear of lack. Keep yourself from auguring into the shadow. Put on your love glasses and look again. Things are not as bad as you think.

Quote for the Day: Pursue some path, however narrow and crooked, in which you can walk with love and reverence. ~Henry David Thoreau~

Thursday, 23-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Aj; Universal Day – 24/6: National Puppy Day.

This is a good day to be with people: to connect, share what you know, find teaching moments, or to be an advocate for someone who needs your help.

It is a powerful day to make changes, mend what is broken, let go of resentments, find forgiveness and reconcile differences. It is another good day for communication.

Shadow: More than other days, today can bring people into contact with the shadow side of their personality. This can make people moody, myopic, and blind to what others can see.

Change can be positive, but today it can overtake you like a cyclone. … Watch out for cheats and those who attempt to take advantage of you.

Quote for the Day: In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn. ~Phil Collins~

Friday, 24-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Ix; Universal Day – 25/7: World Tuberculosis Day.

The Source of infinite potential and the creative forces of the universe make themselves felt today as unseen angelic presences, through unexplained grace, and love in action.

These forces fuel life energy and healing, inspiration, inner learning, individuation and personal drive. Frame the events of your life in a larger, more hopeful context.

Then, go do something wonderful!

Shadow: Today’s shadow energy can be divisive, uncaring and show up as aggressive power. It can spark irritability and unreasonable behaviors.

People can get hurt and suffer broken hearts. Unhappy relationships can result. If you feel inadequate for some reason, be aware that this is part of today’s shadow aspect.

Quote for the Day: To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. ~Joseph Chilton Pearce~

Saturday, 25-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Tzikin; Universal Day – 26/8:

This a good day to get into action and be active. Focus on the practical aspects of life like achieving tasks. Pursuing goals brings successful outcomes and good fortune.

It is also a good day for socializing and strengthening community connections and family ties. It brings the energy of happiness and optimism. It can also be quite a romantic day.

Shadow: The brighter the day, the deeper the shadow. Today is one such day. The positive energy is very bright but the shadow is quite deep.

Let things flow today without getting too fixed on expectations. This can be an exhilarating day, but also one that brings rapid changes, upheaval and possible conflicts.

Quote for the Day: Action expresses priorities. ~Mahatma Ganhi~

Sunday, 26-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 27/9:

You may feel an inner awakening and an acceleration of consciousness today as if you/we are one step further along in the ascension process.

You are in a state of grace today, and connected with the vast web-of-life on Mother Earth. Wholeness, compassion, diplomacy and optimism are today’s principal energies.

What you dream, you can achieve. Share your dreams and visions. Begin building a foundation under those castles in the sky. Through action, your dream becomes real.

Shadow: Inhibitions, drama, and personal inadequacies can derail even the best efforts today.

Also, if you expect perfection in every step, especially in the beginning, you will always be preparing to begin and will never begin. Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

Quote for the Day: We are not trapped by our thoughts. What we generally do, however, is create thoughts that trap us. ~Joshua David Stone~

Monday, 27-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Noj; Universal Day – 28/10: New Moon in Aries, 10:57P EDT.

This is a day to enhance your inner knowing, ask questions, seek clarity and gain understanding. Your mind is more creative today, and you will likely be more decisive.

This is a favorable day for life changes, launching new initiatives, organizing and making decisions. You can bring greater harmony into relationships, and … romance is favored!

The New Moon in Aries late this evening, tomorrow morning overseas, can cause a lack of restraint. You can feel more enthusiastic but also more impulsive and restless.

Shadow: Pay attention to body signs to help guide you today. But, think twice before acting. You can get caught up in hurry-worry and be irrational, irresponsible and careless.

Watch how you say things to people. Words can be hurtful if they are not said with love, especially today.

Quote for the Day: I’m a big believer that life changes as much as you want it to. ~Martin Freeman~

Tuesday, 28-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Tijax; Universal Day – 29/11:

You are more open to receiving a higher level of spiritual & psychic energy that comes in the form of information, guidance, visions and mystical experience. Look for synchronicities.

This is an active day that carries the power of miracles. If you get inner guidance to do something, do it! This is a day of manifestation, and the energies will help you get results.

This is also a day for solving even difficult problems, letting go of old patterns, and healing and harmonizing any of the four bodies – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Shadow: Things you’ve set in motion come to critical mass today, generally a good thing. But, it can also bring unexpected results and unpredictable change. So, stay loose.

The unexpected can put you into a tailspin and cause you to feel like a loser. If you get stuck in negative feelings, use the power of sound to pull yourself out.

Quote for the Day: Out of difficulties grow miracles. ~Jean de la Bruyere~

Wednesday, 29-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Kawoq; Universal Day – 30/3:

Cheetah, the fastest of all the animals, represents this day which is about energy, speed, change and growth. Today helps to enhance sociability and the ability to express yourself.

Today’s energy is for hatching new ideas and taking baby steps to make them real. It can be a very creative, action-oriented, generative, abundant day.

Humor and happiness are part of the mix. Remember to laugh and have some fun. Also, spend time with your family, for home and hearth is your true foundation.

Shadow: Today’s energy is very fluid. It can cause anger and guilt to come to the surface. Mood swings can immobilize you and cause you to spiral inward.

Respect appropriate boundaries – yours and others. If you get involved where you don’t belong, even if it is for the best of intentions, you can get blamed if something bad happens.

Quote for the Day: Too often new ideas are studied and analyzed until they are suffocated. ~William Pollard~

Thursday, 30-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Ajpu; Universal Day – 31/4: National Doctors’ Day.

This is a good decision day. It can bring greater clarity and security. Your mind can feel strong, as if all the synapses are lit up and answers are available to all of your questions.

Icarus represents today’s energy. He flew too close to the sun on wings of feathers and wax. You can be innovative and accomplish a lot today. Know when to stop before you have a meltdown and fall back to earth.

This is a day that favors any work done to beautify the earth.

Shadow: The positive aspect of today’s energy helps you to overcome negative energy, but the shadow can have you feeling fearful, resentful and off-balance.

You can be tempted to avoid responsibility – maybe because of making a mistake or two. People can be jealous, stubborn and inflexible. You can encounter hotheads and get drawn into fights.

Quote for the Day: Icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew. ~Jeremy Robert Johnson~

Friday, 31-March:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Imox; Universal Day – 32/5: Cesar Chavez Day.

Hawk and the Wind symbolize today’s energy. You can have a sense that you are being pushed gently along your life path knowing that your destination is really up to Spirit.

It is a day that fosters creativity. Everything is dynamic, flowing, and in motion – constantly recreating itself. Today favors education, learning, and creating new things.

Reach out to encourage a friend today. Friendships are important. Consider keeping a journal and recording your ideas and insights for the benefit of future seekers.

Shadow: It is a good day for dreamers and strengthening internal powers. That said, today’s energy can make you disorganized, indecisive and confused.

It is a day of karmic events that can leave you feeling fragile, weary and distrustful. Sudden shifts can take you unawares, and you can have a difficult time finding your feet again.

Quote for the Day: Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail, and mankind the vessel. ~Augustus Hare~

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