Daily Energies for September 2017

Earth Mother Egg

Friday, 1-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Tzikin; Universal Day – 23/5: Eid al Adha begins.

This is a good day for communications and self-expression. It can be an easy, laid-back day if you don’t set rigid expectations and are willing to allow events to unfold naturally.

It’s a good day for working together, providing mutual support, and getting involved in the community to support common causes and work for social change.

Be open to intuitive insights. Mental flexibility is heightened, making it a wonderful day to learn new things. … It is a great day to lighten up, and have fun with friends & family.

Shadow: Living in chaotic times almost seems to be the new normal. Yet, today can be filled with more than the normal measure of chaos. Be aware, and do your best to stay centered.

People can be impulsive, irresponsible, opportunistic, quarrelsome, prone to exaggeration and boastful. This is not a good day to walk on the wild side.

You can be more forgetful than most days.

Quote for the Day: In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you. ~Deepak Chopra~

Saturday, 2-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 24/6:

Today’s energy strengthens your ability to connect with the collective consciousness. It is a day of shared perceptions. It is a good day to mingle with all types of people.

This is the kind of day when you can feel the intimate oneness of all things. It is a wonderful day to fall in love with someone – or with life, itself.

You can more easily tap into the pool of new ideas to make new discoveries. It is a day for asking questions, finding answers, and gaining a stronger sense of your place in the world.

Shadow: This is a day for forgiveness, reconciliation and wiping the slate clean. It is an especially good day to solve relationship problems, including romantic ones.

The dark shadow includes impatience, misunderstanding and mutual distrust. In all your challenging interactions today, ask yourself, “What do I want the result to be?”

Quote for the Day: We are witnessing an enormous shift of collective consciousness throughout the world. We are at the precipice of great transformation within our culture and government. ~Zachary Quinto~

Sunday, 3-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Noj; Universal Day – 25/7: Eid al Adha ends.

Today brings a focus on where you are on your life path and what is needed for further growth and individuation. Make course corrections, or launch yourself onto a new path.

This is a day of knowledge, thought, and access to inner wisdom. It enhances your ability to study and learn something new. A good day to make plans and preparations for the future.

Healers, artists and musicians are favored, as are defenders of justice, and people who are in service to others.

Shadow: Coyote energy can have you chasing your own tail today. You may lack the self-awareness to achieve your goals. If so, tomorrow will bring a shift in the energy.

Be careful not to push too hard today, it can shut down your zest for life. People can be aggressive, unreasonable and preachy. Unhappy relationships can be in the spotlight.

Quote for the Day: I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it. ~Rosalia de Castro~

Monday, 4-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Tijax; Universal Day – 26/8: Labor Day (U.S.)

This is a healing day during which even very serious illnesses can be more easily cured. It is a powerful day to eliminate and let go of anything negative that is weighing you down.

Periodically, it is good to make a personal review of what is working in your life and what is not. This is the day to do this.

Is anything out of balance? Do you need to make changes? Are there people you need to connect with to reconcile differences? What person or what baggage do you need to let go of to move on?

Shadow: Today puts the spotlight on individual choices. It can be a day of good fortune, but it can also bring conflict and upheaval. If this happens, don’t despair. Something is shifting.

Turbulence is a way of getting your attention so you can make sometimes uncomfortable shifts and changes. Today can be like that. Life can rattle your cage and say, “Wake up!”

Quote for the Day: Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us. ~David Richo~

Tuesday, 5-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Kawoq; Universal Day – 27/9: Mercury goes direct, 28º26’ Virgo. International Day of Charity.

Look to the well-being of your family today. It is the home around which everything revolves. What happens in your family ripples out to affect your community, country and the world.

This is the day to settle family disputes. It is one of the best days to deal with problems of a financial nature. It is also a good day for networking and attracting greater abundance.

Today can bring you good luck. It brings a stronger empathic connection with the people around you and is a good day for socializing. Kick back and listen to your favorite music!

Shadow: Today’s upside brings good judgment, but the shadow energy can cloud your thinking. Be aware of appropriate boundaries and don’t get involved where you don’t belong.

It’s okay to stand up for your beliefs, but do it with love. And if you are wrong, say so! People can be combative today and refuse to back down in arguments. Don’t be one of them.

Quote for the Day: The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. ~George Santayana~

Wednesday, 6-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Ajpu; Universal Day – 28/10: Full Moon, 3:03A EDT.

Today brings completion to some things and helps you launch others. It can be a day of personal renewal. The energy brings greater clarity and helps to eliminate negativity.

Today brings the strength and courage to overcome obstacles. Indeed, you may find today’s energy to be uplifting. You may feel more buoyant and happy – inside and out!

It is a good day to stop, reflect, and do some future planning. It is a great day to ask questions and find answers. You can more easily work with details and finances.

Shadow: Today’s energy emphasizes the dual nature of life. You can see both the good and not-so-good side of people, things and events. You might also experience highs and lows.

You can avoid responsibility today and have difficulty engaging fully. You can also be naïve. Beware of cunning people, and think things through twice before getting into action.

Quote for the Day: True happiness is … to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca~

Thursday, 7-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Imox; Universal Day – 29/11: Brazil’s Independence Day.

This is one of those days when insights and guidance may come to you unbidden. You may simply know things without knowing how you know them.

You are more receptive than normal, and can pick up on the thoughts of others. So, some of what you are feeling may not be yours to carry.

It is a great day for honing your internal powers. Put your increased receptivity to work. Use the energy to give your thoughts and intentions greater power to manifest your goals.

Shadow: There is a lot of information coming in at unconscious levels. You can feel overwhelmed without knowing why, and you can be indecisive, excitable and disorganized.

Be prepared for unexpected shifts and changes. Today’s energy can make people and events unpredictable. This can feel invigorating on one hand, but unsettling on the other.

Quote for the Day: Active receptivity is needed, not a passive agitation. ~Ravi Ravindra~

Friday, 8-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Iq; Universal Day – 30/3: International Literacy Day.

This is a day of movement, expansion and change. It is not a day to be inactive. Get up, get out, and go do something. Have an adventure! And, don’t worry, be happy! ♪♫

Today can bring a creative awakening of sorts. New ideas get an extra push and an added blessing. So, move them from the incubator into action mode.

Your inner urge for relationship may be strong today. It is a good day to socialize. Today also supports cooperative learning. … Both artists and scientists are favored.

Shadow: This is the day of the Wind. It can spawn hurricanes and tornadoes. People can be impulsive and erratic. Anger may surface; passive-aggressive behaviors can be on display.

If there is tension between life or business partners, it will very likely come up today and need to be dealt with. It is a good day to clear the air and start anew with a clean slate.

Quote for the Day: Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. ~Francis of Assisi~

Saturday, 9-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Aqabal; Universal Day – 31/4:

Today supports work, order and reason. It brings the power to focus on practical matters, and create order out of chaos. It can actually be a great day for putting ideas into action.

Today is connected with mental freedom. It activates your inner genius and helps you to see what you normally cannot. You can be a pathfinder for yourself and others today.

This is a good day to make connections, do something creative, be in love with life and see the beauty in the world. With this attitude, you can also solve problems more easily.

Shadow: Remember, all work and no play can make you rigid, inflexible and boring. Don’t overthink things, it can cause you to get stuck. Stay pliable and adaptable.

Today’s energy can throw you off balance and you can make mistakes you normally wouldn’t make. A disquieting undercurrent of fearfulness runs through the day. Stay centered.

Quote for the Day: I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. ~Dalai Lama~

Sunday, 10-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Kat; Universal Day – 32/5: Grandparents Day.

Education is in the spotlight. Today’s energy helps you to be both studious and organized. It is a great day to exercise those intellectual muscles and gain new understanding.

This is also a great day to unlock your inner creativity. A feminine, goddess energy permeates the day and opens your emotions. It is dynamic, caring, erotic and infused with divine longing.

Something new is emerging. It may be just out of sight but you will feel it. Reach out and connect with others today. See what is wanting to happen. Consider writing about it.

Shadow: Hawk energy infuses the day with potential possibilities. But, you can experience sudden shifts that take you unaware, and this can cause you to founder for a time.

Your karma can get you tangled up in a web of chaos and drama today. It can leave you confused and weary and ready to throw in the towel. Don’t give up. Things will get better.

Quote for the Day: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. ~Victor Pinchuk~

Monday, 11-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Kan; Universal Day – 33/6: U.S. Patriot Day (9-11 Commemoration). Ethiopian New Year.

This is a day of discovery and breakthrough. You may feel more capable and focused. Your mind and intuition can be in sync, and you can feel more energetic, capable and confident.

A clearing of obstacles may take place today but it will very likely involve forgiveness. Moving forward requires letting go of past hurts and resentments. You must also forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is not about forgetting or invalidating something that happened. Rather, it allows you to move into a state of grace. It is a key to emotional wellness and inner harmony.

Shadow: This is a day to develop your inner fire, and to focus on increasing physical strength and well-being. It can bring a stimulating high, but also can result in emotional lows.

You can lose focus, feel insecure and be indecisive. A feeling of apathy can keep you from getting things done. You may be impatient with yourself and others. Avoid taking shortcuts.

Quote for the Day: Every challenge you encounter in life is a fork in the road. You have the choice to choose which way to go – backward, forward, breakdown or breakthrough. ~Ifeany Enoch Onuoha~

Tuesday, 12-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Keme; Universal Day – 34/7:

Today’s energy strengthens your mind and its ability to create what you imagine. Today brings steadiness and drive, and the discipline to stay on point to accomplish goals.

At the same time, practicality merges with a need for expression, and a desire to open intuitively to allow something larger to provide guidance and direction.

This is the day to call on wisdom and help from the wise grandfathers and grandmothers, and the ancestors who support you from the unseen realm of Spirit.

Shadow: Behavior today may be shaped by karmic residue. People can be foolish, illogical and fussy about things. Inaccuracy lies in the shadow. So, check your work a second time.

Today’s energy brings a strong personal drive. You may attempt to do too much, and not realize when to stop. Pushing too hard can be damaging to relationships, so be aware.

Quote for the Day: If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius. ~Joseph Addison~

Wednesday, 13-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Kej; Universal Day – 35/8:

It’s a good day for forward movement. The underlying energy makes miracles possible. At the very least, what you do today will more easily take root and begin to grow.

Today brings swiftness, surefooted and balance. It is an excellent day to find some time to be out in nature, especially if you need to restore inner harmony.

If you are good with words, either spoken or written, this is your day. It is a good day for communication, dialogue and creating understanding. Doctors and healers are also favored.

Shadow: People and things can get just plain weird today – not necessarily a bad thing, but it could be. People may also be hurtful and coercive, and push things to the extreme.

Watch out for the people who appear calm and affectionate on the outside but who are actually angry on the inside. They can be manipulative and up to no good today.

Quote for the Day: Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing. ~Wayne Dyer~

Thursday, 14-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Qanil; Universal Day – 36/9:

This is a day to bring some things to completion and harvest the fruits of past efforts. Make sure you are open to receive the fruits of your past efforts, and what Life has to give you!

Yet, today is also a day of germination and for the planting seeds of new ideas and initiatives. What you begin today is likely to grow into a strong foundation for the future.

Today is about wholeness and connecting with friends, family and your extended community. It is a good day for networking and cultivating relationships.

Shadow: Today can bring dramas and personal challenges that work against the innate drive for wholeness and connection with others. But, it is also a good day to settle disputes.

You can feel dispirited and uncertain about life today. This can result in a sense of personal inadequacy when it is difficult to focus or accomplish much of anything.

Quote for the Day: How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole. ~Carl Jung~

Friday, 15-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Toj; Universal Day – 37/10: Democracy Day. Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras & Nicaragua.

It is fitting that Democracy Day and Independence Day for five Central American countries be energetically connected with today’s energy that brings liberation from the past!

Today makes it easier to release any negativity you are carrying, clear away debts, and find a better balance in life. Make adjustments and course corrections to your path today.

Today’s energy helps you think through options and alternatives to make good decisions. You can get practical, organize actions and events, and more easily influence outcomes.

Shadow: The law of karma steps onto center stage to offer joys and rewards created by past actions, but also some possibly not-so-positive challenges that are life’s teaching moments.

The key for today is to offer thanks and gratitude for your blessings, and to make atonement, offer forgiveness, and seek reconciliation for any actions that “missed the mark.”

Quotes for the Day: Karma is only in space-time and causality. Your real Self resides non-locally. ~Deepak Chopra~

Saturday, 16-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Tzi; Universal Day – 38/11: Selichot. Mexican Independence Day. Oktoberfest Begins.

Today’s energy sparks creativity. It helps you stay open-minded and pliable in thinking and attitude. An underlying energy of universal love and understanding is supporting you today.

It is a good day to be active. Service-oriented actions and volunteerism are favored. Connect with others and pursue common goals to achieve collective outcomes.

We are all connected. The time of separation and secrets is over. This is a day when the truth is more readily revealed, and the forces of justice help to right the ship and restore balance.

Shadow: Today can bring unpredictable change and cause discontinuity. As a way of handling this, you might overreact in a reckless way or, alternately, feel disconnected and indifferent.

Watch out for the power games players who are only out for themselves. These are the ones who have to be their own authority and only play by their own rules. Give them a wide berth.

Quote for the Day: When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it – always. ~Mahatma Gandhi~

Sunday, 17-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Batz; Universal Day – 39/12: Constitution Day (U.S.)

Today’s energy is about time. 3D reality would not exist without it. Today brings continuity with the past and presides over the future. It is a good day to plan and get organized.

Today sparks creativity and favors artists of all kinds. Its energy gives a boost to new beginnings and helps you to undertake most any activity successfully.

Today has a strongly feminine energy. It opens a gateway for higher understanding and receiving visions. The underlying lesson? Keep showing up and saying “Yes” to your guidance.

Shadow: Today can bring personal trials. You can get bogged down in your own problems and struggle to solve them. Don’t allow ignorant or overbearing people push you off-center.

Insecurity is part of today’s shadow. Don’t cover it up with a false mask of pride or anger. And remember, baby steps and small incremental changes can have a big future impact.

Quote for the Day: Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. ~Warren Buffett~

Monday, 18-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 E; Universal Day – 40/4: Chile Independence Day.

Today’s energy governs the development of life and the life path you are on. It is a good day to do a life review. Are you headed in the right direction? What changes are appropriate?

This is the day of destiny. It is a good day for communications, in general, and a favorable day for negotiations, or signing contracts, in particular.

It brings strength, power and energy to help you start something new like a new job, project or venture. It is also a good travel day, and a great day to start a vison quest.

Shadow: Today can make you more prone to accidents and illness, so take extra care. From a health standpoint, the lungs and respiratory system are highlighted.

You can feel lost today, and may have difficulty making decisions. Watch out for untrustworthy people, and manipulators who use negative energy to get what they want.

Quote for the Day: Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. ~Stephen Covey~

Tuesday, 19-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Aj; Universal Day – 41/5:

This is the day of visionaries, masters and leaders. It brings a flow of energy into your life. It helps clear negativity, promotes renewal, and supports the fullness of life.

Today’s is about origins. It protects the home and family and helps to bring harmony. It is a day of good harvests and abundance. Give thanks today for the newborns who are our future.

Don’t hold too tightly to expectations. Things are in fast-forward, and events are fluid and changeable. Give yourself extra freedom by not imposing too many goals upon yourself.

Shadow: Something might happen to shake up your life. You may not be very reasonable or sensible today – and this is alright as long as you don’t do something foolish.

It can be difficult to overcome inertia and get started today. You can feel foggy or stuck, and this can make you grumpy and unhappy. Stop short of bickering with friends and loved ones.

Quote for the Day: It must be obvious … that there is a contradiction in wanting to be perfectly secure in a universe whose very nature is momentariness and fluidity. ~Shunryu Suzuki~

Wednesday, 20-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Ix; Universal Day – 42/6: Rosh Hashana Begins. New Moon in Virgo, 1:30P EDT.

The Archetypal energy for today is the Pachamama, the Earth Mother. It is feminine and powerful. If there is anything negative in your life, ask today that it be removed or cured.

Today favors patience, astuteness, and acting at the right moment. It represents intelligence and strength. It is a day of strong natural forces and high magic that foster inner learning.

It is a day to bring dreams to fruition, formulate a new strategy or adjust an old one, and to solve problems. You can also use today’s energy to find a beautiful place to live.

Shadow: There can be more than the normal amount of ups and downs today. You can feel very open and sensitive. Avoid people who are difficult and situations that are upsetting.

People that cross your path can be rude, presumptuous, vain, quick-tempered, and hurtful. Don’t let any of them derail you from following your path.

Quote for the Day: Sooner or later, we will have to recognize that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans. ~Evo Morales~

Thursday, 21-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Tzikin; Universal Day – 43/7: Islamic New Year. International Day of Peace.

Today, you are being given an opportunity to develop a balance between intuition and practicality, between allowing things to flow naturally and focusing on tasks and details.

Intuition combined with a practical detail-oriented mind is an uncommon and powerful combination that is yours to develop and draw upon today.

New things are afoot! Allow intuition and inner guidance to show you the way, and then engage a logical thinking process and take practical actions to make things happen.

Shadow: You can be quite open and connected with the energy of other people today. There can be a tendency for you to carry their burdens. This can be problematic.

It can lead to a sense of feeling overloaded and overwhelmed, and can cause frustration and imbalance. Do your best to discriminate between what is yours to carry and what is not.

Quote for the Day: Anyone can plot a course with a map or compass [or GPS], but without a sense of who you are, you will never know if you’re already home. ~Sharon L. Alder~

Friday, 22-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 44/8: Autumnal Equinox, 10:02P EDT – Sun enters Libra. Rosh Hashana Ends. World Rhino Day.

An active day when the potential for happiness, jubilation, magic and miracles is in the air. A new beginning may move you more fully into your power. Have faith in your actions today.

Today brings ability, competence and integrity. Push up against your limitations. Wise efforts that are purpose-driven are valued, achieve success and bring good fortune.

The energy of interconnectivity is strong today. It is a good day for collaboration and for work in groups and teams. … Social encounters and romantic connections get a boost.

Shadow: Today brings strength to deal with problems. It is a good day for forgiveness and reconciliation. Life may ask you to deal with emotional baggage and/or to let something go.

Today can bring inner and outer turmoil, deception, heartache and despair. You can feel as though your actions and effort is being stifled, and you just can’t get out of your own way.

Quote for the Day: 1) Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. ~Ernest Hemingway~

Saturday, 23-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Noj; Universal Day – 45/9: Padre Pio Feast Day.

Today’s energy fuses the energies of light, earth and the heart. Physical awareness is connected with the “mind-of-G_d” that acts to establish intelligent order in the concrete, real world.

This energy helps you to build foundations for the future. It also brings us knowledge so that we may teach one another, know the unity behind the web-of-life, and truly SEE each other.

A drive for wholeness infuses the day with understanding, compassion, and the potential for deep connection. It is a day that favors artists, creative personalities, and music.

Shadow: This can be a day of feeling dispirited and uncertain about life. This can result in a sense of inadequacy, disempowerment and futility. Others may try to take advantage of you.

People can lack self-awareness, and be conceited, proud, angry, and inflexible. But coyote energy rules today’s shadow, and these folks may end up lighting their own tails on fire.

Quote for the Day: Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light. ~Theodore Roethke~

Sunday, 24-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Tijax; Universal Day – 46/10:

This is a day of endings, clearing away and healing, closure and completion, and acting on new potential possibilities. It is a great day to adjust your aim in life, or launch yourself anew.

Whatever problems or illnesses you may be facing, even if they are very serious ones, today brings hope for a solution or a cure. Helpers from angelic realms are providing assistance.

Today’s energy gives a boost to rational analysis, and it helps you to be more decisive than is normal. Creative minds and freethinkers are favored. … Romance may be in the air.

Shadow: With today’s energy, people may be optimistic even when faced with difficulties. But, the shadow can bring worry, struggle and a sense of immobility and inhibition.

Avoid gossip like the bubonic plague today because it can bring suffering, arguments and even sickness. Be aware that people can more easily lose their tempers.

Quote for the Day: There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. ~Bernard Williams~

Monday, 25-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Kawoq; Universal Day – 47/11:

Today is about family, community, common values and common goals. Seek to be of service, and add your individual effort to strengthen collective influence and collective outcomes.

That said, this is a day that favors teachers, healers, change agents and entrepreneurs. It is day that is pregnant with new possibilities. It is a powerful day for action and outreach.

It is a day of manifestation and may bring you an increase in prosperity. Indeed, one of the energies for today is the “Horn of Plenty” or cornucopia. What will you create today?

Shadow: Today’s energy generally helps you to feel more confident and sure of yourself. But the shadow can push you off of a mountain cliff just so you can spread your wings and fly.

If this happens, it will very likely take you unaware. It can be shattering to the ego-mind, but that’s the point. When the pieces come back together, you will be more radiant and beautiful.

Quote for the Day: Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. ~Sathya Sai Baba~

Tuesday, 26-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Ajpu; Universal Day – 48/12:

At a mystical level, today is about the First Cause, creative forces, divine love and power. It is a day of limitless potential. Carefully consider how you will use this energy.

It is an excellent day to make a plan and take action to achieve goals. Just remember, God laughs when you make a plan, so use the plan as a guide but be willing to stay flexible.

Today supports big dreams. It is a day for innovation and invention. It favors idea-driven creativity. If you have a new idea, even if it seems crazy at first, give it a go!

Shadow: Today brings limitless potential, but the energy can be explosive and hard to handle – a bit like riding a rebellious bucking bronco! Take care to harness the energy well.

Watch out for people who are egocentric, distrustful, manipulative, and have a need for control. Ignorant, bitchy, hypercritical people may cross your path. Just walk away.

Quote for the Day: Always remember, you have the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman~

Wednesday, 27-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Imox; Universal Day – 22: Month 11 Begins.

The energy shifts today. See if you can feel it. … Divine energy flows into the earth and gets anchored in its core. It is a day of expanded possibilities and potential, and greater balance.

You are likely to be more intuitively and emotionally open and receptive than normal. Trust your inner guidance but stay grounded. If you do, this can be a very productive day.

Put your love, energy and efforts into service to higher goals, and service to others: family, friends, work group, and people in your extended sphere of influence. It will pay dividends.

Shadow: You are strongly enough connected with others today that you might feel their pain. If you are not aware, you may mistake this as your own, and it can throw you for a loop.

You can feel undecided, unguided and myopic today. The shadow can cause divisiveness and separation, and highlight deficiencies that you or others have. Keep your love glasses on.

Quote for the Day: We accept the love we think we deserve. ~Stephen Chbosky~

Thursday, 28-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Iq; Universal Day – 23/5:

There is a good chance that this is going to be an exciting day, and maybe one that holds a few surprises! The best advice is to strap on your seatbelt, stay flexible, and enjoy the ride.

Hummingbird is the Spirit Animal for today. It symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. She has come to invite you to be playful. Let go of expectations; stay adaptable.

Your spirit and imagination can dance between worlds today, and this can feed creativity, expression and new ideas. It’s a good day to ask yourself questions and listen for answers!

Shadow: Today brings shifts and changes. Ease up a bit. If you push too hard to achieve goals, or expect too much from yourself and others, you are likely to have a difficult day.

On the other hand, don’t get reckless and do something stupid.

Today’s shadow holds a “fear of lack,” a fear of not having enough. Social and financial issues can knock at your door. It’s best to answer the call and give these issues attention.

Quote for the Day: You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ~Mark Twain~

Friday, 29-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Aqabal; Universal Day – 24/6:

Today’s energy is about social cohesion. It is a good day to be with people, a good day to collaborate, a good day to find teaching moments. Relationships are in the spotlight.

Communications are favored. Your life force is strengthened and this can help you be more focused on tasks. It’s a marvelous day to begin something new, whether exciting or mundane.

You can see what you may not normally be able to see, including seeing both sides of and issue more easily. It makes this a good day for discovery and recording ideas and insights.

Shadow: You are more strongly connected with polarities today, and emotional ups and downs. This can cause imbalance – especially if you are sensitive to energies.

It is an especially good day to engage in a spiritual discipline to help you maintain your center.

Quote for the Day: Good questions outrank easy answers. ~Paul Samuelson~

Saturday, 30-September:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Kat; Universal Day – 25/7: Ashura. Yom Kippur.

This is the best day to unravel problems, eliminate bad influences, and repair relationships. It is also a powerful day to ask Spirit for the blessing of increased abundance.

Divine Grace is an aspect of today’s energy. Its message is: “You will receive whatever love or healing that you feel you deserve.” Opening yourself to the possibilities pays dividends.

This is a very good day to study, learn and prepare for your next steps. It strengthens personal determination and drive. Don’t get too serious; this is also a good day to socialize!

Shadow: Workaholics, this is your day! For the rest, today’s energy can push you to go too far, work too hard, and suffer from burnout as a result. So, lighten up. Go be with friends.

This is a favorable day to deal with unhappy relationships, although this is never a lot of fun. It can be a day of broken hearts. Irritability and short tempers may cause divisiveness.

Quote for the Day: Idealism increases in direct proportion to one’s distance from the problem. ~John Galsworthy~

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