Daily Readings & Quotes for November 2016


Tuesday, 1-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Batz; Universal Day – 29/11: All Saints Day.

There is a cosmic, unbounded energy that makes this a day for eagles. You can undertake most any activity successfully. Take action, begin new things. See how high you can fly!

This is a day of seers, artists and healers. Those who work therapeutically or ceremonially with sound will find that today increases your effectiveness.

Marriage and partnerships are favored today.

Shadow: You can struggle to solve problems. You may be tempted to shut down and close off. The challenge is to stay in a state of openness, innocence and trust despite people or events that attempt to move you off your path.

Quote for the Day: There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud. ~Carl Sandburg~

Wednesday, 2-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 E; Universal Day – 30/3: New Moon in Leo, 4:45P EDT.

This is a day that is bringing in spiritual light and giving birth to a new phase. It is also bringing you greater strength, power and energy to use in any of today’s activities.

Start something new, work on new ideas, or begin a trip. Work on short-term goals but keep your eye on the future prize.

This is also a good day for communications.

Shadow: Anger can bubble up to the surface and lead to conflict. Watch out for passive-aggressive and manipulative behaviors. Insecurity may inhibit decision-making.

Quote for the Day: The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. ~Mark Twain~

Thursday, 3-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Aj; Universal Day – 31/4:

Today is infused with the power to see what others cannot. Tap into the inspiration and it will help you solidify ideas and take practical action.

Stay open and adaptable. This is a day to organize and create order from chaos, be a trailblazer or direction-finder for others, and to create harmony and strong alliances.

Shadow: Today’s energy can throw you off-balance that lead to mistakes. It can also spark jealousy, betrayal and relationship problems. So, beware!

Others may test your patience and your values. Do your best to listen and be open-minded rather than stubborn and closed off.

Quote for the Day: You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ~Mark Twain~

Friday, 4-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Ix; Universal Day – 32/5:

This is the day of the Dawn and the Wind. The Dawn awakens creative potential, brings new understanding, and inspires you to conceive of and create something special.

The Wind encourages you to be in the flow, and moves you forward along your sacred path.
Things are dynamic, fluid and changeable. You may want to be “in control” today, but your destination is really up to larger, unseen forces.

Shadow: Karma, the law of cause and effect, is in play today. Difficult or negative experiences may have their roots in past actions. … Sudden shifts can take you unawares.

Quote for the Day: I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. ~Paul Coelho~

Saturday, 5-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Tzikin; Universal Day – 33/6:

Today is infused with Infinite Intelligence and formative power. This is a day to ask questions and get answers in the spirit of discovery, such as: How, Who, Why and Why Not?

This is a day of personal power when you can be focused and capable. Like a shaman, you can more easily work with invisible powers to manifest intentions.

It is a good day to collaborate with others, coordinate activities, find teaching moments and be a mentor to someone.

Shadow: It is a day of polarities and imbalance. You can feel oversensitive and insecure, and have difficulty making decisions. Take care, misunderstandings can easily occur.

Quote for the Day: No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess. ~Isaac Newton~

Sunday, 6-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 34/7: Daylight Savings Time Ends.

This is a good day to get to the heart of issues and solve problems. The analytical mind works through creativity and creative expression to find solutions.

This is also a good day to take some personal alone time to stop, reflect and recharge before moving forward again. Whatever you do today, it is important not to push yourself too hard.

Shadow: You can see the whole world in desperation today and begin to catastrophize. This can cause you to pull inward, feel apathetic, and be unable to move forward with your life.

Quote for the Day: There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope. ~Bernard Williams~

Monday, 7-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Noj; Universal Day – 35/8:

Today energizes your Purpose, imparts personal power, and enhances capability. There is an active energy that helps you to achieve tasks and goals, and get a lot accomplished.

Today brings knowledge from hidden realms to help you to sense your interconnectivity with others. It is one of the best days to collaborate or enter into negotiations.

This is a day to truly “see” one another, and a good day for social encounters.

Shadow: People can be aggressive today. They can lack the self-awareness to filter their thoughts. This kind of extreme honesty can be hurtful, and even cause conflict and upheaval.

Quote for the Day: Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another. ~Thomas Merton~

Tuesday, 8-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Tijax; Universal Day – 36/9: Election Day in U.S.

The Mayan energy of Tijax helps resolve problems with government, helps eliminate negative energies, brings justice and promotes healing. It is a very interesting energy for an election!

This is a day of endings in the sense that things come fully to fruition; and today’s ending also brings a new beginning that reflects the collective psyche.

The promise of today is increased optimism, social cooperation and greater support of a shared vision and values.

Shadow: Given the polarization across the U.S., there is no way that today’s elections will NOT cause controversy and conflict. There is a good possibility for anger and even violence.

Quote for the Day: Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blisters. ~Abraham Lincoln~

Wednesday, 9-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Kawoq; Universal Day – 37/10:

Actions ripple outward from the home to affect the community, society, culture, collective consciousness, and the world. This is the best day to seek understanding and work for the common good.

Today’s energy opens a gateway to new possibilities. Set your aim, make life changes and course corrections.

It is a good day to settle disputes or deal with problems of a financial nature.

Shadow: People can be stuck on stupid today. It can be a day of polarization, breakdown and crisis. Avoid arguments because people will hold stubbornly to their positions and refuse to back down regardless of whether they are right or wrong.

Quote for the Day: You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one. ~John Lennon~

Thursday, 10-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Ajpu; Universal Day – 38/11: Science Day for Peace & Development.

Universal Love and Understanding are working behind the scenes today to bring the promise of transformation and renewal, and to clear away negative energy.

This is a day of collective outcomes. Something is building toward a critical mass of change that will shape future events. This is a day to set goals, make a plan and begin new projects.

Shadow: People can feel inadequate, and be excitable, impractical and self-centered. Unpredictable changes can occur. Keep an open mind. Let go of outdated ideas and things.

Quote for the Day: What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. ~Maya Angelou~

Friday, 11-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Imox; Universal Day – 39/12: Veterans Day (USA). Singles Day (China).

Today brings a lot of promise and potential. Creative forces are at work. But, you will need to lean on your feminine left-side intuitive powers to take full advantage of its possibilities.

This can be a lively and productive day. Divine Power is supporting you, so be bold and fearless. Act on your dreams and visions! Move forward with new directions and innovations.

Shadow: You can be disorganized and feel indecisive today. The shadow can also cause ignorant, self-righteous, manipulative and/or dishonest people to cross your path. Be aware!

Quote for the Day: Intuition is seeing with the soul. ~Dean Koontz~

Saturday, 12-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Iq; Universal Day – 40/4:

This is the day of the Wind, the Breath of the Creator. It gives vitality and governs ideas, allows you to see future outcomes, bestows adaptability and assists with making changes.

There is an underlying hopeful energy to the day that helps to open hearts.

It is a good day to get organized, make decisions and confront any issues that you may have.

Shadow: This is a day that energizes people with strong personalities. Take care to keep aggressiveness in check and not misjudge others. It can lead to fights, trouble and trauma.

Quote for the Day: One ship drives east and another drives west by the same winds that blow. / It’s the set of the sails and not the gates that determines the way they go. ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox~

Sunday, 13-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Aqabal; Universal Day – 41/5:

This is a day of outcomes. It brings opportunity through change. Use the morning to finish tasks and projects. Use the afternoon to shift gears and start something new.

Today brings a naturally bountiful energy. It is day to practice “doing without efforting.” Do your best to slip into the flow of events and allow the energy of the day to bring you blessings.

It’s a good day to be with friends, and reunite with people you haven’t seen for a while.

Shadow: This can be an easy-going day. But, if you are caught in the shadow, you may get stuck in gridlock and/or have to overcome obstacles.

Life can shake things up. People can be irresponsible, grumpy and unhappy.

Quote for the Day: Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door. ~Emily Dickinson~

Monday, 14-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Kat; Universal Day – 42/6: Saturn goes direct in Sagittarius. World Diabetes Day. 

Today’s “raven” energy can increase and strengthen your life energy. It can bring you blessings and help you attract the people and resources you need to accomplish your goals.

To make the most of today’s energy, practice the flexibility of beginner’s mind. Imagine yourself in a state of childlike innocence, and approach activities with a sense of exploration.

Shadow: You can feel trapped by problems or enmeshed in sticky entanglements. These are likely to either be problems of your own making, or created by destiny in order to teach you.

Quote for the Day: We can bring positive energy into our daily lives by smiling more, talking to strangers in line, replacing handshakes with hugs, and calling our friends just to tell them we love them. ~Brandon Jenner~

Tuesday, 15-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Kan; Universal Day – 43/7:

Serpent is today’s energy. It activates the kundalini, the inner fire of life force, growth and sexuality. It gives the power to move forward even in the face of obstacles and adversity.

An urge to move, express yourself, and be in relationship merges with a desire to be practical and create tangible results. The result can be a quest for knowledge, connection, and practical knowing.

Shadow: Quick-striking viper energy represents the shadow. It can make people distrustful, opportunistic, irascible and envious. Take care not to be uncaring and speak ill of others.

Quote for the Day: The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. ~Lao Tzu~

Wednesday, 16-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Keme; Universal Day – 44/8: International Day for Tolerance.

Merlin and Thoth represent today’s energy. Together they bring a connection with ancient wisdom and writing – and also the power and the ability to make things happen.

Focusing your knowledge and experience through work and effort creates power. This is a day when you can get a many things accomplished on a practical level.

Shadow: The upside of today’s energy brings happiness, goodwill and empathy. But the downside can bring upheaval, deception, backbiting and conflict. Make sure to set appropriate boundaries.

Quote for the Day: We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect. ~Anais Nin~

Thursday, 17-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Kej; Universal Day – 45/9: Great American Smokeout.

Today’s grounded, earthy energy can bring greater balance. It strengthens your ability to be perceptive, discerning and credible. It is a day of good fortune that favors generosity.

This is the day to work on making your dreams and ideas more concrete. Get into action. What you create today may grow into something that has lasting impact.

Today’s energy can help you find a good (or better) job.

Shadow: Inhibitions can cause you to feel despondent. But, you can also be overzealous in accomplishing goals. Take care not to be insensitive and invade someone’s space.

Injuries to the hands and feet are more likely today. Be aware.

Quote for the Day: One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others. ~Robert A. Heinlein~

Friday, 18-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Qanil; Universal Day – 46/10: Full Moon in Aquarius, 5:27A EST.

Dragonfly energy helps you to see through the illusion to perceive the truth of things and gain deeper understanding. It is a day to adjust your course and explore new possibilities.

You can go in a new direction today or help others to adjust their aim. Plant seeds of hope for future success. Work make your ideas and insights practical and accessible for others.

Shadow: You can experience difficulties in communication. You can get caught in a quagmire of emotional dramas and bogged down in problems. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It will pass.

Quote for the Day: You’re always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. ~Richard Bach~

Saturday, 19-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Toj; Universal Day – 47/11: World Philosophy Day.

Orpheus, the legendary Greek musician, poet and prophet symbolizes today’s energy. His voice was so sweet that he was able to charm even wild animals.

Raise your voice in sacred spontaneous song today. It has the power to connect you with the Divine. It will lift your spirits, help you manifest intentions, and clear away negative energy.

Shadow: It is a day to fly and soar with the eagles, but it can bring sudden shifts and unexpected events. Do your best to remain flexible and not to fall into a fretful, frantic state.

Quote for the Day: Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it. ~Sai Baba~

Sunday, 20-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Tzi; Universal Day – 48/12: World Children’s Day.

Love, power and spontaneity merge with order and discipline to achieve practical results. You can harness the qualities of the visionary, pathfinder and achiever for practical purposes.

Today’s energy favors service, honesty and morals. It brings forth the truth in situations and relationships.

This is a good day for writers, therapists, designers, negotiators, peacekeepers, guardians, preachers and technicians.

Shadow: Today’s crusading, achievement-oriented energy can throw things out of balance. The lesson is learning how to control sometimes explosive energies and focus them to achieve good purposes.

Quote for the Day: Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. ~Wallace Stevens~

Monday, 21-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Batz; Universal Day – 49/13:

“Batz” represents time, spirituality, the origin of life, intelligence and wisdom. “49/13” is unlimited potential, compassion and the connection with All-That-Is.

This is a powerful day that adds success to any actions you take. It energizes caring and compassion, and makes this the best day for marriage, entering into partnerships, and selfless service.

Get your ego out of the way today, and allow something larger to move though you.

Shadow: This can be an emotional day, and you may struggle to solve problems. You can feel insecure, aimless and caught up in commotion and disorder.

Give something back to others for the blessings you’ve received, but don’t give yourself away.

Quote for the Day: To walk around with an ego is a bad thing. To have confidence in yourself is a great thing. ~Fred Durst~

Tuesday, 22-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 E; Universal Day – 23/5: Month 13 Begins. Sun Enters Scorpio, 12:38P EST.

This can be an upbeat, light-hearted day filled with positive, cheerful energy. It is NOT a day to get attached to specific outcomes. Allow your intuition and the energy of the day to direct your actions.

As the Sun enters Scorpio, it adds a desire to cut through the crap, get to the bottom of things, and zero in on what is truly important for your spiritual and emotional gowth.

This is a good day for negotiations or entering into contracts.

Shadow: Everything is dynamic and changeable today. This can be wonderful, but it can shake up your routine and feel chaotic. Walk on the sunny side of the street; focus on the positives.

Quote for the Day: A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results. ~Wade Boggs~

Wednesday, 23-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Aj; Universal Day – 24/6:

Today supports the search for wisdom. The energy helps you to be both thorough and decisive. It also gives you the tools necessary to overcome any kind of negativity.

Whatever you are doing and no matter how focused you get on achieving results, remember the importance of home and family. Strike the right balance between work and relationships.

Today favors children and parents, communications, socializing with others and cheerfulness.

Shadow: People can need a lot of understanding today – including yourself. People can test your patience. Relationships can be unstable, marital tensions may arise.

Do your best to see things through the eyes of love.

Quote for the Day: Home is people. Not a place. ~Robin Hobb~

Thursday, 24-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Ix; Universal Day – 25/7: Thanksgiving Day.

The creative forces of the universe infuse today with power, intelligence and healing energy.
Tiger symbolizes this force that is the strength of Mother Earth, the power of the jungle, and the protective guardian of Earth’s sacred sites.

This is the day to honor women and all things that are beautiful. It is a good day to add beauty to your living or working space, and to spend time in nature.

Faith can more easily bring dreams to fruition today.

Shadow: The shadow energy makes tempers short. People can be pushy and unreasonable – especially those who seek to be the center of attention. Remember, pride goes before a fall.

Quote for the Day: A tiger does not shout its tigritude, it acts. ~Wole Soyinka~

Friday, 25-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Tzikin; Universal Day – 26/8: Black Friday.

Today brings a connection with the hidden realms. You can more easily “see” beyond the illusion and into the essential nature of things. Miracles are possible.

This is a good day for communications and social encounters. Collaboration and group work are favored.

Today’s energy brings good fortune. It is a good day to ask/pray for increased abundance.

Shadow: Today’s energy is focused, dynamic and active. But, the shadow can magnify worries and bring up inner doubts. People can be temperamental, stubborn and irresponsible.

Stay flexible and don’t let yourself to be pulled into conflicts.

Quote for the Day: We could learn a lot from crayons: some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others are bright, some have weird names, but we have to learn to live in the same box. ~Anonymous~

Saturday, 26-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 27/9: Small Business Saturday.

Today’s energy is feminine, caring, and connected with Mother Earth and all life. Stretch out your feelings and senses; you may experience a physical soul union with All-There-Is.

This profound state of consciousness can bring a sense of gratitude, the ability to forgive yourself and others, make deep healing possible on all levels, and help you solve problems.

Shadow: You will know if you are caught in the shadow energy because inner fears will derail your actions; you can feel disempowered and experience trials and roadblocks.

Divisiveness and jealousy also hide in the shadow today.

Quote for the Day: The philosopher’s soul dwells in his head, the poet’s soul is in his heart; the singer’s soul lingers about his throat, but the soul of the dancer abides in all her body. ~Kahlil Gibran~

Sunday, 27-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Noj; Universal Day – 28/10: Advent Begins.

Today is a time of outcomes. Something comes to completion and you are stepping up to a new level. Take time to stop, reflect, digest and integrate lessons, and gain greater clarity.

All endings are also new beginnings. Today is like that. It is a time of renewal, transition and potential transformation. A new path may emerge and lead you in a different direction.

Shadow: A deep, inner shift may be beginning. This can create worry and anguish – and you may not know why. You can also make careless mistakes, and feel naïve and stupid for it.

Stop. Look for the lessons being presented. Let things settle before getting back into action.

Quote for the Day: We all want to break our orbits, float like a satellite gone wild in space, run the risk of disintegration. We all want to take our lives in our own hands and hurl them out among the stars. ~David Bottoms~

Monday, 28-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Tijax; Universal Day – 29/11: Cyber Monday.

This is a high-energy day during which you may receive new insights, visions and guidance, and have the opportunity to work with new inspiration on a practical level.

This is not a day to sit on the mountain top contemplating your navel. Take practical action. Do something to move things forward. And, share with others what you have to teach.

Shadow: You may have to let go of your safe harbors, set your sails and let the winds of destiny take you out to sea. Today can be like that. It can take you beyond your comfort zone and lovingly force you to grow.

Quote for the Day: You raze [tear down] the old to raise the new. ~Justina Chen~

Tuesday, 29-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Kawoq; Universal Day – 30/3: Giving Tuesday.

New things recently begun can more easily put down roots today and grow. This is a day of self-actualization, personal growth and even transformation.

Family and social encounters take center stage. It is an ideal day to settle disputes and/or work on financial issues.

Practice your “mind-over-matter” ability to shape outcomes and create abundance.

Shadow: Today’s energy can trigger anger and passive-aggressive behaviors. People can be combative and intrusive. Take care not to get involved where you don’t belong.

It can be a day that activates repressed desires, relationship tension and infidelity.

Quote for the Day: There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. ~Nelson Mandela~

Wednesday, 30-November:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Ajpu; Universal Day – 31/4: St. Andrew Feast Day.

What has been difficult to see becomes clearer today. That makes this a good day to make a plan, get organized, make some decisions, and work diligently to achieve tasks and goals.

It can be a very productive day that hones your capability to push forward and make things happen despite any hurdles that need to be jumped.

It is also a good day to build alliances.

Shadow: This is a day that builds inner strength, but sometimes this brings trials and troubles. Put away any hurry-worry. Do your best not to avoid responsibilities. Muster the confidence to work through issues that arise.

Quote for the Day: We see in order to move; we move in order to see. ~William Gibson~

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