Sounds Numbers LettersFor more than twenty years, John has been creating and developing a new system of numerology, together with a new 13-month calendar. His Mystical Numerology is an extraordinary process by which one can, through the wisdom and help of the numbers of your birth date and those connected to the letters of your name, decipher the present and see into the future. It is a process by which one can delve deeply into one’s own life patterns to reveal your highest Purpose, Life Path and direction.

In addition to his many years of previous experience with “western” numerology and tarot, John has also integrated concepts from the Kiche Mayan system of Day Lords, and drawn inspiration from the Hebrew Kaballah. He also builds on the work of Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, who taught about the use of the vowel sounds as the principal energies of creation. He takes this work a step further by looking at the mystical qualities of the consonants and numbers, how they relate to the vowel sounds, and their place on the Native American “Medicine Wheel.”

The resulting system is an integration that is both accurate in the insights it provides, and fascinating for its ability to reveal the deeper meaning behind the ordinary. John has proven his system over the past few years through extensive analysis of famous people and historical dates, and by doing hundreds of personal readings.

John is available for private readings, for both individuals and organizations.

A full Mystical Numerology Reading includes:

  • Insight into Life Purpose, Path, Legacy, your life’s “Drive” or motivation, and your Life’s Opportunity and Mature Power.
  • Mayan Birth Day Energy
  • An analysis of personal challenges and life lessons
  • Your natural “modes of perception”
  • A forecast for current and coming years
  • Insights into 1-3 questions you may have

Depending on your questions, a typical complete reading by email will return you a 15-20 page typewritten analysis.


Here’s a list of special offerings that is good throughout the Holiday Season:

• $25 – Basic Life Purpose Reading
• $50 – Life Purpose, Path, Challenge & Life Lessons
• $50 – Life Purpose + Personal Year Forecast for 2014
• $50 – Update Previous Forecast (for those who have had readings in past)
• $75 – Purpose, Path, Challenge & Life Lessons + 2014 Personal Year Forecast
• $100 – Purpose, Path, Challenge & Life Lessons, Personal Year Forecast for 2014 + Spirit Name*
• $150 – Full Mystical Numerology Reading with 15+ page report, including: Life Purpose, Life Path, Drive/Motivation, Balance & Power Numbers, Challenge & Life Lessons, Modes of Perception, Individuality, Attainments & Tasks, and Forecast for 2014, 2015 and 2016.
• $200 – Full Mystical Numerology Reading + Report + Spirit Name* [Note: Spirit Names are designed to help you integrate your Life Lessons].

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Less complete, more focused readings are also available to meet your budget.   Contact us for information.

“I found John’s Mystical Numerology reading interesting and insightful.  It confirmed much of what I already knew about myself and most importantly to me, it really confirmed my name change.  John provides a very helpful service to those seeking knowledge of themselves and their purpose in life.  I highly recommend his fascinating approach to numerology.” ~ Selena Omega, Colorado, USA, April 2013 ~

“I received a Mystical Numerology reading from John and it was really amazing. The information gave me a visual medicine wheel to see my life in a different perspective and gave me clarity that I had not been able to grasp before. I especially like the tones (sound) he gave me and I use them daily to clear my energy field and connect to my higher self and purpose. This information is valid and valuable thanks. [July 2011].

Follow-up Note, [September 2011]: In that reading you did for me, you said that I would be going thru a huge shift at the beginning of August and you are right dead on!” ~ Anni Loggins, North Carolina, USA ~