Daily Energies for February 2017

Seeds of Light

Wednesday, 1-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Aqabal; Universal Day – 28/10: National Signing Day (U.S.)

Take a break from your routine today. Practice loosening the reins a bit, and easing up on attempts to control events and outcomes. It may be time to begin something new.

One phase is ending. Today is about coming to completion, and releasing old attachments. A renewing force is offering you a leg up to the next step on the spiral of life.

Today helps you to work with details, organize affairs, and make new links with others.

Shadow: The upside of today’s energy can bring a zest for life, but the shadow can cause you to feel like you’ve reached a low point. It can bring boredom, laxity and envy of others.

Avoid any urge to bitch about your situation, or to blame or ridicule others. Remember, the finger may be pointed at you next!

Quote for the Day: The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it. ~Chris Pine~

Thursday, 2-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Kat; Universal Day – 29/11: Groundhog Day.

Listen to your inner guidance. It is a source of inspiration and can help you in practical ways such as: getting better organized, making changes, and increasing your impact in the world.

It is also a good day to reach out and connect with others. You may be able to more easily inspire a friend, family member or client today. It is also a good day to solve problems.

Healers are given an energetic boost today, as are change agents and reformers.

Shadow: Don’t let your ego-mind sabotage you by telling you that you’re not good enough (smart enough, capable enough, loveable enough, etc.) to do what you have an urge to do.

Stay flexible. Sudden shifts and changes are possible. Follow your inner guidance and keep saying “yes” to new opportunities.

Quote for the Day: Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; unbelief, in denying them. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Friday, 3-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Kan; Universal Day – 30/3:

Use the power of your thoughts to transform issues and events in your life. You can transmute knowledge into wisdom, and undesirable energy into positive outcomes.

Spiritual Light infuses the day with greater clarity. Tap into its radiance and you may feel pregnant with new ideas; ready to give birth to something new and wonderful!

Get into action. Let this be a day of physical activities.

Shadow: This is a day for truth-telling and justice; not always fun. You may have to deal with repressed desires and anger. Relationships can suffer in the short term.

Avoid people with big egos, or who attempt to control you.

Quote for the Day: The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. ~James A. Garfield~

Saturday, 4-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Keme; Universal Day – 31/4: World Cancer Day.

This is a good day to get organized following the high energy and expansiveness of the past couple of days. Time to begin building a solid foundation under those dreams.

Your mind is very receptive, and can more easily connect with ancestors and advanced beings. Use action and innovation to overcome obstacles and create something practical.

Shadow: Today’s shadow can bring boredom, fearfulness, fights and jealousy. Something may be ending and require closure before you can move on.

Remember, every ending also brings a new beginning.

Quote for the Day: It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. ~David Allan Coe~

Sunday, 5-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Kej; Universal Day – 32/5: Super Bowl Sunday.

You will probably need lots of freedom today and will not do well with constraints or too much structure. Break free from what confines you. Be spontaneous – if just for today.

You may need to stop and recharge your batteries. Take some rejuvenating time. This may look like watching the Super Bowl with family and/or friends.

But, recharging may also look like doing something more active – and just for yourself.

Shadow: Life can feel chaotic today. It is a day when your karma may require rebalancing. You can be reckless and too impulsive. Tension can cause quarrels. Partners can be unfaithful.

Quote for the Day: Be brave, little rabbit. Take a chance. ~Cherise Sinclair~

Monday, 6-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Qanil; Universal Day – 33/6:

Humans are carriers of the spiritual seed; and you are a light-bearer. Today’s energy carries all the codes for potential life and brings wholeness and alignment with the cosmic order.

This is important because it means whatever seed you plant today, whatever you begin, will grow more easily into future success. So, start something new but consider carefully.

Nurture relationships today, especially with children.

Shadow: Today’s energy can push you off-balance, engender bad feelings, give you a foggy mind, and make communication difficult.

Today favors the advocates who work on behalf of others. But, people can be unkind and even abusive.

Quote for the Day: Each day we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. ~Charles R. Swindoll~

Tuesday, 7-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Toj; Universal Day – 34/7:

Today’s energy is about the power of gratitude, saying “thank you” to the Creator for your blessings. It can bring a clearing of debts and liberation from past negativity.

Start a gratitude list, especially if you are experiencing a period of lack. It will help you restore balance and help you focus on the positive. Remember, what you hold in your mind is what you create more of.

Shadow: Today can give you the drive to move forward in a steady fashion. But, take care not to turn tasks and projects into a crusade. You can be tempted to do too much.

This same crusading energy can cause people to try running up your back with track spikes.

Quote for the Day: Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow. ~Melody Beattie~

Wednesday, 8-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Tzi; Universal Day – 35/8:

Today is about law, authority, justice, fidelity and order – both terrestrial and cosmic. Its energy helps to normalize behavior, and eliminate drastic actions and authoritarianism.

Guardians of home and community take center stage. Cultivate love; make your heart as the sky. Then, do something special for your family, a friend, coworker, or member of your community.

Shadow: Tiger energy rules the day. Its power can be harnessed for good, but it can also create emotional instability. You can feel confused and insecure.

People can be coercive and even hateful today. Avoid people who are driven by ego and act out with bravado and bluster.

Quote for the Day: You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. ~George Michael~

Thursday, 9-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Batz; Universal Day – 36/9:

Overall, this is a day that can bring happiness, optimism and gratitude.

Today’s energy augments intelligence, so you may feel a little bit smarter! It brings an empathic sense of connection that connects you with both past and the future events.

You can undertake most any activity successfully today. It is a good day to begin something like a project or new job. It is also a great day to get married or enter into a new partnership.

Shadow: Social anxiety can be pervasive today and bleed into your personal feelings. You can feel insecure, and struggle to solve problems. Avoid overbearing people and getting caught up in emotional dramas or you may suffer.

Quote for the Day: “What day is it?”
“It’s today, squeaked Piglet.”
“My favorite day,” said Pooh.

Friday, 10-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 E; Universal Day – 37/10: Full Moon in Aquarius. Lunar Eclipse in Leo, 7:33P EST.

The connection with the angelic realms is strong today. You will feel it like an invisible presence helping to direct you along your path from behind the scenes.

Your life may change in subtle and/or significant ways. Relax and let yourself be guided.

This is a good travel day. It is also a good day for communications and seeking common goals. Negotiations, coming to agreement, and signing contracts are favored.

Shadow: Today’s shadow brings difficulty in making decisions. You can get caught up in hurry-worry and seeing only the negative side of people, actions and events – as is so easy to do these days.

Steer clear of manipulative and untrustworthy people who may try to take advantage of you.

Quote for the Day: We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano De Crescenza~

Saturday, 11-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Aj; Universal Day – 38/11: Tu BiShvat.

Use this as a play day. Feel the energies of cheerfulness, helpfulness and gratitude moving through you. Doing this with intention can dispel any kind of negativity and bring healing.

Inner peace comes through cultivating relationships with family – especially with children.

Work together with people you love toward common goals. Something reaches critical mass today, the point at which a chain-reaction occurs and it can no longer be stopped.

Shadow: A symptom of being caught in the shadow today is the need for constant stimulation, like checking your smartphone and Facebook every few minutes.

Switch off computers and smartphones for a while. Take time to talk and laugh and deepen your real, face-to-face connection with family and friends.

Quote for the Day: A light heart can carry the most weight. ~Marty Rubin~

Sunday, 12-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Ix; Universal Day – 39/12: Grammy Awards.

This is the day of the Thunder Callers and Mother Earth. Powerful creative forces are at play that open your heart chakra that connect inner realities to the Global Mind.

It is a day for big dreams that urge you to step through a gateway to something new. What innovations can you make today? Do stuff, change something, be fearless and take a risk.

Whatever you do today, make sure you balance seriousness with playfulness.

Shadow: Extremism, self-importance, and the need for control are aspects of today’s shadow. This is a day of earthquakes and explosions!

You can feel rebellious, quick tempered, and bitchy. Alternately, you can feel inept, like you can’t get your mind into first gear, and just can’t get out of your own way.

Quote for the Day: It is not light we need, but fire; it is not the gentle shower, but thunder. We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake. ~Frederick Douglass~

Monday, 13-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Tzikin; Universal Day – 40/4:

A day for volunteerism, lacing up your work shoes, and performing your civic duty. Working together toward common goals can create group cohesion and a sense of greater purpose.

Today supports reason, work and analysis. But, you may be more inclined to lay you’re your perceived burdens, liberate your creativity and do something fun.

It is a day of justice and good fortune. It is a lucky day for lovers and Love.

Shadow: If you feel unloved, isolated or lost, you are caught in today’s shadow. You can be stubborn, and misjudge people’s actions. Take care to cultivate patience and compassion.

Quote for the Day: It can be difficult to speak truth to power. Circumstances, however, have made doing so increasingly necessary. ~Aberjhani~

Tuesday, 14-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 14: Month 3 Begins. Valentine’s Day.

This is a day of connection. Invisible strands of energy connect you with the all that exists. The ability to influence things at a distance through the power of your thoughts is enhanced.

Indeed, the power of remote influence can bring you what you need / desire. Set concrete goals. You can draw to yourself what is needed to accomplish your goals. And stay flexible.

Shadow: This can be an enjoyable day with lovers, friends and family. But, the shadow can tie you up in knots over relationship issues that arise unexpectedly. You can feel trapped.

If you are faced with a choice of needing to be right or being happy today, choose happiness.

Quote for the Day: Through Love, all that is bitter will be sweet; Through Love, all that is copper will be gold; Through Love, all dregs will become wine; Through love, all pain will turn to medicine. ~Rumi~

Wednesday, 15-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Noj; Universal Day – 15:

Today’s energy can give you the kind of follow-through that comes from unbending intent and a laser-like focus on your Purpose. This combination can lead to tangible results.

Today can bring social interaction and a stronger sense of belonging. Turn your skills toward service to others. Be a consensus builder. Help your friend, colleague, client or community.

Today can also bring change – even big, unprecedented changes.

Shadow: Be honest but self-aware. Express authenticity with love. Throttle inner resentment. Bluntness and “extreme honesty” can be hurtful today.

You may be inattentive, feel apprehensive, and have difficulty achieving goals.

Quote for the Day: The essential dilemma of my life is between my deep desire to belong and my suspicion of belonging. ~Jhumpa Lahiri~

Thursday, 16-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Tijax; Universal Day – 16:

Today’s energy brings optimism in the face of obstacles, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Draw on your inner vision and natural instincts to keep you on-track.

It is a day of new growth, new possibilities, and new frontiers. You may feel propelled forward along your path. Your aptitudes are strengthened. Give plans a mental push toward success.

Shadow: You can be filled with creative energy – unless the shadow has grabbed hold of you. In that case you can feel limited, constricted and faced with irresolvable issues.

The good news is that today’s energy also gives you the ability to cut through any problems, and release anything that has you pinned down.

Quote for the Day: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. ~Dr. Seuss~

Friday, 17-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Kawoq; Universal Day – 17:

Today favors family, relationships, groups, dialogue and togetherness. It is a very good day for public relations, and for moving collective visions forward. Take advantage of the energy.

It is an auspicious day to be enterprising and daring. Practice fearlessness. Events are unfolding according to the cosmic plan, and what you do will automatically be “in sync.”

It will help to keep that in mind. And then, go do something wonderful!

Shadow: Be daring, but respect other people’s boundaries. There can be a temptation to stick your nose into other people’s business and get involved where you don’t belong.

Quote for the Day: Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right. ~Jane Goodall~

Saturday, 18-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Ajpu; Universal Day – 18: Sun enters Pisces, 6:31A.

The sunrise brings an awakening impulse that ripples through the collective consciousness of the web-of-life. You may feel it bringing renewed hope and new ideas.

Today brings clarity, as if sunlight is flowing through you to illuminate your mind. How will you direct your light?

It is a good time to do some planning, set goals, and take first steps. Seeds you plant today grow into success.

Shadow: People can be exceedingly mistrustful today. What is behind this lack of trust is likely to be unspoken or unconscious fear and a need for more security.

Distrust can cause stubbornness, territoriality, snottiness, and an urge to avoid responsibility.

Quote for the Day: There is a muscular energy in the sunlight corresponding to the spiritual energy of wind. ~Annie Dillard~

Sunday, 19-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Imox; Universal Day – 19:

Today can bring you a lightning-quick flash of insight or a sudden inspiration. It may also show up as a message that you hear, as if your inner voice is speaking.

A directive force urges you to take action. This is a day for doing. Take care of chores and duties first. Then, focus your efforts on solving problems and achieving desired outcomes.

It’s a good day for compromise and making agreements.

Shadow: Crocodile energy activates the limbic system, making your mind more receptive. But, it also revs up your inner drives and instincts, and emotions like fear, anger, and pleasure.

Do your best to avoid arguments. Anger can turn suddenly to rage.

Quote for the Day: Intuition goes before you, showing you the way. Emotion follows behind, to let you know when you go astray. Listen to your inner voice. It is the calling of your spiritual GPS system seeking to keep you on track towards your true destiny. ~Anthon St. Maarten~

Monday, 20-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Iq; Universal Day – 20: President’s Day (U.S.).

Today’s energy is like the purifying Breath of the Creator that blows through your soul, bringing a sense of renewal and possibility, and strengthening psychic sensitivity.

Don’t hold back. Meet issues head-on with confidence, fierce conviction and audacity.

If you have been depressed or dealing with resentment of some sort, today can bring healing.

Shadow: Today’s energy can shake things up, and cause you to be erratic and impulsive. Hurry-worry and doubt can derail your efforts. You may even feel a little helpless and at the mercy of larger forces.

Quote for the Day: All things share the same breath – the beast, the tree, and man … the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports. ~Chief Seattle~

Tuesday, 21-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Aqabal; Universal Day – 21:

Today’s energy favors the light-bearers, and brings both guidance and grace. Pay attention to dreams. It is a marvelous day to get insight on next steps, and act on new ideas.

You can see both sides of an issue today. The energy helps you to understand and reconcile opposing forces, and find the key to harmonize opposites.

Shadow: You can have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, and get stuck in the present. You can feel shy or apprehensive about beginning new initiatives.

Remember, for most situations all you need is 20-seconds of courage to take the next step.

Quote for the Day: Our mind is capable of passing beyond the dividing line we have drawn for it. Beyond the pairs of opposites of which the world consists, other, new insights begin. ~Herman Hesse~

Wednesday, 22-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Kat; Universal Day – 22:

Today creates an energy field that helps attract greater abundance and success. Set your intention, clear your mind, and call to yourself what is needed to nourish and sustain you.

This is a day to reach for the stars.

Today’s energy helps to level the playing field. It brings people and ideas together, and helps families, groups and communities find coherence and feel more united.

Shadow: You may experience a loss of balance. You might abandon something you started. If this happens, take time to quiet your emotions and get re-centered. Then, take action.

Quote for the Day: Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~Harriet Tubman~

Thursday, 23-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Kan; Universal Day – 23/5:

Your inner fire is strong today, and you may feel it. This “kundalini” energy fuels growth and spiritual development, provides physical energy, and helps you to achieve desired goals.

You are likely to need more freedom today – extra physical and emotional space within which to operate. Be adaptable. Don’t get too tied down with a plan or timetable.

Something you lost may come back to you today.

Shadow: Don’t keep your nose to the grindstone so long that your nose falls off. Save some time for family and friends. This can be quite an erotic day, but you will have to set the stage.

Today’s energy can bring a fear of not having enough. This can spawn feelings of envy, and people may be tempted to speak ill of others.

Quote for the Day: Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward. ~Drew Houston~

Friday, 24-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Keme; Universal Day – 24/6:

The Owl, also called the Night Eagle, symbolizes today’s energy. Owl is wise, tranquil, silent in flight, and able to pierce the veil to connect with the ancestral wisdom and higher beings.

You have access to spiritual knowledge today. If there is something you want to know, sit quietly in meditation, ask the question, and listen. Ancient wisdom will provide the answer.

This is a good day for reconciliation, and healing even potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Shadow: The flipside of the positive energy often brings its opposite. And so it is for today. The shadow energy can be a catalyst for people to be extremely angry and violent.

People can also be stubborn, lazy and unfaithful.

Quote for the Day: We need to haunt the house of history and listen anew to the ancestors’ wisdom. ~Maya Angelou~

Saturday, 25-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Kej; Universal Day – 25/7:

The mantra for today is: “The time of separation is over.” Today’s energy provides all who will allow it a sense of Oneness. … Dreams can be powerful today. Pay attention.

Something new is dawning today but it may look different to each person. There is the potential for greater balance and inner harmony between all aspects of yourself.

Balance comes through movement today. If you are tempted to withdraw into your cocoon, that’s okay. But, at least dance around the house!

Shadow: There is something about today that can make people gregarious but come on a little too strong. Be self-aware and be willing to throttle your enthusiasm, if necessary.

People can be bitchy, irritable and short-tempered today. Don’t allow this to be divisive.

Quote for the Day: I move, therefore I am. ~Haruki Murakami~

Sunday, 26-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Qanil; Universal Day – 26/8: Academy Awards. New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces, 9:58A EST.

With the New Moon and Solar Eclipse, this is a day to get honest with yourself, take care of unfinished business, and clear out anything that no longer serves you.

Today gives you the power to imagine new directions and plant seeds for the future.

You can also use today to get clarity, open minds, cultivate understanding, and strengthen the bonds of love within your family and extended family.

Shadow: Feelings are magnified today, and your mood may swing from joy to despair. The eclipse can throw a shadow over you, making you feel like you are weak.

Issues you thought were done and dusted can resurface to be addressed once more.

Quote for the Day: The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets. ~J. M. Wonderland~

Monday, 27-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Toj; Universal Day – 27/9:

Physical awareness and body-knowing merges with the inner urge for oneness and truth. Today brings the power to believe in your dreams.

Today also has a strong connection with grounded creativity. You can harness it for practical purposes and creating tangible results.

This is a day that brings good luck, but it is gratitude that attracts the magic.

Shadow: You may have energetic boundary issues today – knowing where you stop and others begin. This can lead to you unknowingly carrying someone else’s baggage.

This is payment day, the day when old debts come due. … Watch out for scam-artists who would take advantage of your trust. This is a day when people can run afoul of the law.

Quote for the Day: Keep showing up and saying “yes,” do the best you can each day, and good luck will find you. ~John B. Pehrson~

Tuesday, 28-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Tzi; Universal Day – 28/10: Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”).

Today, being Mardi Gras which means “Fat Tuesday” in English, is a day to celebrate. Let go of whatever pressure you are putting on yourself. Take time for yourself. Go celebrate!

Honor yourself and all that you have accomplished over the past year. This will recharge your batteries, and prepare you to start fresh tomorrow.

Shadow: The downside for today is that you may keep pushing yourself to accomplish something and/or finish up tasks that you feel are important. Today, it may be just too much.

Lighten up. Whatever you are working to complete will survive another day. The world will not come to an end if you take some personal time to celebrate.

Quote for the Day: The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. ~Oprah Winfrey~

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Daily Energies for February 2016

Spiritual Power1

Monday, 1-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Noj; Universal Day – 27/9: Iowa Caucuses.

This is a good day to work on your foundation for the future. It can be a productive time when you can finish tasks and bring something to completion. You may receive rewards for past efforts.

For people who believe in their dreams, this is a day to do something practical to help them manifest. It is a good day for making connections, group learning and shared visions.

Discoverers, explorers and scientists are favored.

Shadow: The shadow energy can embolden untrustworthy people who try to manipulate and deceive you. Inner fears can surface, and you can feel driven to accomplish goals.

Quote for the Day: I’ve been working on my finishing for quite some time. It’s just a question of paying attention to the minor details. ~Cobi Jones~

Tuesday, 2-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Tijax; Universal Day – 28/10: Groundhog Day (U.S.)

You are energetically connected with your soul group today. Can you feel it? Listen, and you may hear your soul song. This is the day to ask for help from Spirit to solve problems and bring healing.

This is a good day to shift gears and move up to the next level. This involves coming to completion, stopping to reflect, integrating lessons learned, and then taking small steps to start the next thing.

Shadow: Just at the time you want to move forward with your next project, task or phase, you may find that you have to let go of something that no longer works or is in your highest interest.

Quote for the Day: I believe we move in soul groups; we meet the same people over different lifetimes; we have to finish the unfinished business with those people. And when we do, they walk away from our lives. ~Shilpa Shetty~

Wednesday, 3-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Kawoq; Universal Day – 29/11:

This is a high-energy day that brings unlimited potential and gives a boost to anything new. It can be a good day to strengthen your inner powers, but it is not a day to be idle. Get into action!

This is a good day for cooperative ventures. You can more easily connect with collective emotional knowledge and unite a group behind a vision or single purpose. Mass movements get started on days like this.

Shadow: Today can bring unexpected insights but also changes; sudden events can take you by surprise. A fear of change can cause you to feel overwhelmed and overloaded.

Quote for the Day: It is a denial of the divinity within us to doubt our potential and our possibilities. ~James E. Faust~

Thursday, 4-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Ajpu; Universal Day – 30/3: World Cancer Day.

Today’s energy prompts you to get into motion and to move your body. It is a day to expand beyond limitations, explore, find new and different answers, and achieve greater balance.

Movement plows and prepares the soil of consciousness to receive new insights, and for planting the seeds of new ideas that will grow into tomorrow’s success.

Shadow: Do your best to walk the middle path between grim seriousness and wild indulgence. That said, bottling up your energy today can either get you stuck or be a catalyst for anger.

Quote for the Day: All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused. ~Martha Graham~

Friday, 5-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Imox; Universal Day – 31/4:

Today’s energy combines intuition and knowing with practicality and discipline. It gives the power to create order out of chaos, and invent and innovate something with real-world applications.

You can feel enlivened, and be both creative and productive – a very powerful combination. Your inner genius is active behind the scenes today, helping you to see what is normally hidden.

Shadow: You can be disorganized, and feel distrustful, fearful and off-balance. You can make careless mistakes. You can feel bored with your spouse or lover, and get into arguments.

Quote for the Day: When a great genius appears in the world, you may know him [or her] by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him [or her]. ~Jonathan Swift~

Saturday, 6-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Iq; Universal Day – 32/5:

The sacred Breath of Life enlivens you today, awakening intuition, and giving the vitality and strength to experience life fully. It is a good day for friendship. It is also a good healing day.

This can be a day of creativity. Everything is dynamic and changeable. However much you attempt to be “in control,” the outcome is really up to Spirit. So, allow yourself to go with the flow.

Shadow: Karma can shape events today. You can feel stuck. You can also feel impulsive. Sudden shifts can catch you unaware, and throw you off-balance. People can be erratic and fickle.

Quote for the Day: Nothing else in the world – not all the armies – is so powerful as an idea whose time has come. ~Victor Hugo~

Sunday, 7-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Aqabal; Universal Day – 33/6: Super Bowl Sunday (U.S.).

Dragon energy rules the day, energizing things with life force. It helps you to get fired-up about whatever is important to you. It is a day for big dreams and new discoveries.

Today’s energy adds success to whatever is new or beginning or in an early phase of growth.

It’s a good day to be with people and to nurture relationships – especially with sons & daughters.

Shadow: There can be a tendency to get too serious today and forget to take care of your own needs. Take a little time to smile and laugh, and be with people you really enjoy.

Quote for the Day: When you follow your bliss … doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else. ~Joseph Campbell~

Monday, 8-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Kat; Universal Day – 34/7: New Moon in Aquarius, 9:39A EST. Chinese New Year.

Today’s energy combines opposite polarities, and you may feel it. There is a serious side that wants to be logical and practical. The other side wants to move, socialize and be expressive.

This can produce the steadiness to stay focused, the drive to achieve goals and objectives, and the ability to attract people and resources. It can also bring a desire to work for the social good.

Shadow: You can have a strong mind and a quick tongue. You can feel playful. But, think before you speak. Words can hurt and, once said, even in jest, they cannot easily be taken back.

Quote for the Day: All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites. ~Marc Chagall~

Tuesday, 9-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Kan; Universal Day – 35/8: Mardi Gras. New Hampshire Primary.

Today’s energy puts you in touch with the “One Mind” that connects you with everything across space and time. A good day for the return of what has been lost, or for a loved one to come back.

This is a good day for reconciliation between couples or partners.

Today activates your inner fire and propels you forward to take action even in the face of obstacles or adversity. It provides inner coherence that increases both physical and mental ability.

Shadow: People can be unfocused, needy and controlling. You may see the things you most dislike reflected back to you from people and friends. It can be quite annoying.

Quote for the Day: Whether it’s a cell, a bug, or a weed, everything in life starts small. The beauty of small acts is that they cannot be stopped. There is no inconsequential action, only consequential inaction. Real transformation originates from the bottom and moves outwards. ~Paul Hawken~

Wednesday, 10-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Keme; Universal Day – 36/9: Ash Wednesday.

Interdimensional gates are open today. You can more easily communicate with ancestral spirits and advanced beings. Ask for guidance today, and then listen for the answers.

Today’s energy brings and end to things, making it an excellent day to cure illnesses. It is also a good day to finish something. … Forgive yourself and others today and/or ask for forgiveness.

Shadow: Watch out for crafty people who attempt to take advantage of you. You can encounter people who are full of ego and bluster, or who act like a hard-ass. Give them all a wide berth.

Quote for the Day: Individuals seeking enlightenment must connect with their inner guidance for by doing so they become a catalyst for world change. ~Micheal Teal~

Thursday, 11-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Kej; Universal Day – 37/10:

This is an active day of new beginnings. It can be a day of personal renewal. Get out of the office or out of the house. Spend some time in nature to renew your sense of balance with the elements.

Today’s energy gives an energy boost to everyone who works in the professional world. This is a good day to find a (better) job, or ask the boss for a raise, or make a job change.

Shadow: You can feel adrift, or some person or life event can throw you off-balance. If this happens, stop. Let the energy settle. Moving your body can also help (e.g., exercise, dance, etc.).

Quote for the Day: Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn. ~John Moir~

Friday, 12-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Qanil; Universal Day – 38/11:

Get clear on what it is that you want: see it, and imagine how it would feel to have it. This is the best day to ask Spirit to help manifest whatever it is. So, hold the image and feeling, then ask!

Today brings blessings. It is the day to begin any kind of love relationship or business partnership. If you are shy, this is the best day to get some practice speaking in front of people.

Shadow: You can have difficulties with communications today. Indeed, delusional people may cross your path. Even though it is a high-energy day, you can feel weak, and even a little sickly.

Quote for the Day: Abundance is, in large part, an attitude. ~Sue Patton Thoele~

Saturday, 13-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Toj; Universal Day – 39/12:

Give thanks today for all the many blessings in your life. Then, clear away debts, and make amends for any past mistakes. … Fire ceremonies are especially powerful today.

Merkabah energy activates the third-eye, making this a very good day to figure things out, and make decisions. It is also a good day to socialize and have a few laughs.

Shadow: You may feel restless today. Watch out for angry, aggressive people. Today’s energy can cause you and others to be short-sighted. Consider issues twice before taking action.

Quote for the Day: We’re all proud of making little mistakes. It gives us the feeling we don’t make any big ones. ~Andy Rooney~

Sunday, 14-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Tzi; Universal Day – 13: Month 3 Begins. Valentine’s Day.

The energy shifts today. If you think life is already cooking, events over the next 29-days will continue to accelerate and stir the pot even more. It’s a good time to take risks and make changes.

Women and women’s issues are especially favored throughout this period.

Today is about balance and order. It is also about finishing up something you’ve been working on, and starting a new project or new phase of development. Community is important today.

Shadow: Today brings issues of social justice into the spotlight. Seek justice, but do so with compassion and an open heart. Resist the urge to “fight back” and add to the negativity.

Quote for the Day: It seems to me that people have vast potential. Most people can do extraordinary things if they have the confidence or take the risks. Yet most people don’t. They sit in front of the telly and treat life as if it goes on forever. ~Phillip Adams~

Monday, 15-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Batz; Universal Day – 14: President’s Day (U.S.). Grammy Awards.

This is a good day to make connections with others, and for networking to promote personal or business goals. It can be a vibrant day that helps you to be more confident and articulate.

Today, your energy can have a remote influence that more easily brings to you what you need and desire in terms of the people and resources required to accomplish desired goals.

Shadow: You can feel trapped by problems of your own making. You may have to confront incompatibilities or marital discord. Don’t fight. Step back. Wait for the energy to change.

Quote for the Day: Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~Lao Tzu~

Tuesday, 16-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 E; Universal Day – 15:

Today brings you an energy boost, and the follow-through necessary to succeed. It is a day to move forward to achieve practical, tangible results. You can make things happen today!

This can be a day of turning points. Make plans and set goals. It is a good day to start a new job or project. Communications and negotiations are favored; a great day for signing contracts.

Shadow: You may feel apprehensive and indecisive. You may realize that a course of action that you have been pursuing is unsustainable. If so, life may be telling you to reconsider old decisions, and make new choices.

Quote for the Day: Goals are dreams with deadlines. ~Diana Scharf Hunt~

Wednesday, 17-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 13 Aj; Universal Day – 16:

Today’s energy is about home and family – and, by extension, the community. It helps us to understand how interdependent we all are on one another. Social well-being is in the spotlight.

There is a high degree of inequity aversion that comes with today’s energy. It is a good time to take action to stop unfairness to other individuals or groups. Good intentions outweigh bad ones.

Shadow: Today’s energy can turn up the heat and cause a meltdown. If this happens, know that it is a clearing meant to bring purification. New growth and new possibilities lay on the other side.

Quote for the Day: Strangers are just family you have yet to come to know. ~Mitch Albom~

Thursday, 18-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 1 Ix; Universal Day – 17:

Today’s energy brings you the power of metamorphosis, like when a caterpillar becomes the butterfly. It is a very good day to make significant personal shifts.

Confront whatever may be holding you back from being all you can be. As you do, you may also find that you can have a transforming influence on both people and events today.

Shadow: The positive energy for today brings bring power, focus and balance. The shadow side brings negativity and a tendency toward shallowness and narrowness of thinking.

Quote for the Day: There is at bottom only one problem in the world. … How does one break through? How does one get into the open? How does one burst the cocoon and become a butterfly? ~Thomas Mann~

Friday, 19-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 2 Tzikin; Universal Day – 18: Sun enters Pisces, 12:33A.

This is a day of good beginnings that brings blessings to anything that is new or in its early phase of growth, such as: new ventures or projects, relationships & partnerships, or new ideas & visions.

This is the day to plant the seeds for anything that you desire to manifest in the future. Ask Spirit for what you truly want today. Then, get your ego out of the way and allow things to flow naturally.

Shadow: You may be challenged to learn something new today, or stand up for something you believe. You may want to take action but find that you must first deal with small details.

Quote for the Day: If a seed of a lettuce will not grow, we do not blame the lettuce. Instead, the fault lies with us for not having nourished the seed properly. ~Buddhist proverb~

Saturday, 20-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 3 Ajmaq; Universal Day – 19: Nevada Democratic Caucus; South Carolina Republican Primary.

Today puts you in touch with who you really are, and where your true power really comes from. It is a wonderful day to give something of yourself in gratitude for all that you have received.

Today may present opportunities to choose wholeness over separation, and/or to be in service to the larger community. Consider, today, what it is that you have to teach others.

Shadow: Power and control issues can come to the surface. Watch out for arguments and accusations, and bullies. Today’s energy can spiral out of control and turn from anger to rage.

Quote for the Day: Power that comes from service faithfully rendered ennobles. ~Mohandas K. Gandhi~

Sunday, 21-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 4 Noj; Universal Day – 20:

New inspiration is coming in. Pay attention to your dreams, intuitive insights, and synchronicities that come to point the way. An unseen hand guides your actions today. There is magic in the air!

Your body may feel stronger and more energetic today. It is a good day to be active and get some exercise. Go exploring. Push back your perceived limitations. Take that leap of faith!

Shadow: This can be a day of self-doubt. Inner fears may percolate to the surface to hold you back. You may have a tendency to avoid problems and issues that you need to confront head-on.

Quote for the Day: Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air. ~John Quincy Adams~

Monday, 22-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 5 Tijax; Universal Day – 21: Full Moon in Virgo, 1:20P EST.

You may find that you are more intuitively and emotionally “open” today, especially with the full moon. This can be a day of expansion, sudden changes, and course corrections.

It is a good day for personal renewal, a day to heal inner wounds and achieve wholeness. Review old structures and patterns in your life today to see what still fits. Then, let go of what doesn’t.

Shadow: This can be an exciting day but not in a good way. People can be mean-spirited. Gossip can cause you to suffer. You can also feel blocked and unable to accomplish your goals.

Quote for the Day: Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free. ~Rumi~

Tuesday, 23-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 6 Kawoq; Universal Day – 22: Nevada Republican Caucus.

Today’s energy is about the home and family. By extension, it is also about extended family, the community and society. Put love in service to others today on behalf of the common good.

Today brings the energy of unity and of prosperity. It is a good networking day, and a good day to attract abundance. It is also a good time to settle disputes, particularly of a financial nature.

Shadow: People can be argumentative and combative today, and refuse to back down. Take care to respect other people’s emotional boundaries. Don’t get involved where you don’t belong.

Quote for the Day: Mankind has become so much one family that we cannot insure our own prosperity except by insuring that of everyone else. If you wish to be happy yourself, you must resign yourself to seeing others also happy. ~Bertrand Russell~

Wednesday, 24-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 7 Ajpu; Universal Day – 23/5:

Today brings clarity. Seekers will find the answers they seek, and a new sense of certainty and security. It’s a great day to make a plan. Today also brings added strength to overcome obstacles.

Whenever you make a plan, remember not to chisel it into stone. Use it as a guide. Be flexible and willing to adapt to changes because God laughs when you make a plan. You should too!

Shadow: Trust issues can come up today. You may feel like avoiding responsibilities. That said, this is a good day to work with your hands, and to sing and dance your way through any difficulties.

Quote for the Day: Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true. ~Lester R. Bittel~

Thursday, 25-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 8 Imox; Universal Day – 24/6:

Crocodile energy activates the limbic system today, putting the mind into a receptive mode. It is a day for healers, visionaries and shamans, and for knowing without knowing how you know.

Today’s energy helps you tune into the larger consciousness, and increase your awareness. The insights that come can help you surf the energies of accelerating change we are experiencing.

Shadow: Today’s energies can also cause you to feel intuitively overwhelmed and emotionally unbalanced. Be careful not to fall into a crazy way of thinking, and watch out for those who do.

Quote for the Day: Anyone who limits her vision to memories of yesterday is already dead. ~Lily Langtry~

Friday, 26-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 9 Iq; Universal Day – 25/7:

Today’s energy is the Wind, the Breath of the Creator that gives us strength and a full life. It awakens intuition, brings purification and renewal, and reinforces the power of prayers.

This is a good day to learn something new. You can also use today’s energy to achieve desired results, but overdoing it brings fatigue. … It is also good day to heal psychological problems.

Shadow: Trust issues may arise. You can get bitchy and impatient, and intolerant of things that you perceive to be stupid, out of integrity, or just not true. Alone time helps to restore balance.

Quote for the Day: We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden. ~Goethe~

Saturday, 27-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 10 Aqabal; Universal Day – 26/8: South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Today opens a doorway to new beginnings. A new seed of life is being planted; something new is being born. Today brings opportunity through change. It is a day of productive confusion and desirable difficulties.

Today’s energy adds success to new ventures. It is a day of power that supports competence, ability and leadership. Independent thought and individual choice take center stage.

Shadow: Turbulence and conflict can be part of your day. There is a disturbance in the force today that can bring rapid change, upheaval and inner doubts. But, love and faith will steady you.

Quote for the Day: Life is an echo. What you send out, you get back. What you give, you get. ~Anonymous~

Sunday, 28-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 11 Kat; Universal Day – 27/9:

This is a day of energetic connections, not only with people, but also with the web-of-life. Feel it! Use your multi-dimensional consciousness to tap into the Source and ask for greater abundance.

You may feel a need to connect today. It makes this a good day for group learning, shared visions, and social cooperation, and also a good day to unravel problems and find common ground.

Shadow: There is a drive for wholeness today, but it can get derailed by inner fears, and a disempowering belief in personal inadequacy. Let go of your inhibitions. Ask for what you need.

Quote for the Day: When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other. ~Margaret Wheatley~

Monday, 29-February:

K’iche Mayan Day – 12 Kan; Universal Day – 28/10:

Today is for setting a direction, taking aim, being decisive, and getting into action. The energy feeds knowledge and intelligence, and provides the strength to move forward.

It is a grand day for freethinkers, pioneers, energizers, organizers, and implementers. If you’ve been contemplating a life change, or a new beginning of some kind, this is the day to act!

It is also a wonderful day for romance!

Shadow: Take practical action, but don’t be careless or irresponsible. On the other hand, don’t let worry tie you up in knots. If you get stuck, call on the angelic realm for support today.

Quote for the Day: Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. ~Dr. David M. Burns~

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