Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump – Who is Likely to Win?


Note: I wrote the bulk of this article back in April, at least two months before Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump became the respective nominees of their parties. At that time, Bernie Sanders was still in the equation on the Democratic side, and John Kasich and Ted Cruz were still in the running on the Republican side. This analysis is still good, meaning that what has transpired has lived up to what I describe below. Accordingly, I have updated the article only to reflect the reality that Clinton and Trump are the major party candidates. 


This has been an unprecedented, crazy 2016 presidential election cycle in the U.S. that has crossed every line and broken every rule of civil discourse. If you are reading this, I imagine that you will agree that we’ve never seen anything like it before in your lifetime. Hopefully, we will never see it ever again.

It is a “9” Universal Year energy (2+0+1+6 = 9), and “9” years reinforce the inherent qualities that we all individually have. This is true also for each of the presidential candidates. This can make it a powerful time when your life feels more “on purpose,” and on-track. But, it also works with the negative personality characteristics. If you are naturally nasty, narcissistic, racist, and misogynistic, or are a bombastic blowhole, materialistic, power-hungry, don’t play well with others, and in the race mostly for yourself and your ego, this is a year that will magnify your character flaws – especially because you are a candidate running for the highest office of the land, and have a national media presence to broadcast your comments, thoughts and ideas.

The other thing about a “9” Year is that it is a harvesting year. You harvest the fruits of past deeds – and misdeeds. Each of us is experiencing this to differing degrees in our own lives, as are each of the candidates.

A “9” year brings things back around. This includes the reappearance of people and relationships that seemed no longer part of your life, and issues that you thought were mostly settled. On a collective level, this is certainly the case as difficult issues resurface as tests, issues such as race relations, women’s rights, gender inequality, abortion, voting rights, police brutality, the pervasive power of big banks and big business, and the growing gap between rich and poor.

A few of these issues we thought, if not completely settled, that at least we had made significant progress in a positive direction. This year, all of these issues are up for review and in our faces again as reactionary forces work to turn the clock back to the 1950s. A “9” year is like that. It tests what we say we stand for – individually and collectively. It gives a chance to choose once again the kind of society we wish to have. The energy of this year brings up our worst fears, but it also gives us the opportunity to make a monumental shift as we step forward – if we are mature enough to have it.

One additional note about a “9” year: it brings serious challenges to the entrenched “establishment” by “anti-establishment” energy. It pits traditionalist or conservative values against progressive or liberal ones. We saw this playing out in both the Republican and Democratic nomination races, and it is continuing in the presidential election process. Trump is the clear anti-establishment outsider on the Republican side, and Bernie Sanders, as a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, played this same role on the Democratic side. And, Hillary Clinton clearly represents the establishment. From a big-picture level, this classic outsider versus insider challenge is another way the “9” year energy tests us on collectively held beliefs. We get to reaffirm current beliefs and policies, or throw some of the old beliefs aside to try out new ones.

This, then, is the backdrop against which the 2016 presidential race is taking place.

By the way, “Democrat” is a “9” energy, and 2016 is a “9” year. This bodes well for electing a Democrat to the White House in November.

That said, let’s take a closer look at the presidential nominees of the two major parties – Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald J. Trump.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Mystical Numerology chart shows that she has a strong connection with the people, and an interest in building strong communities and a strong society. She carries the energy to be not only a leader (her “8” Path), but also an inspired one. This is because she has strong “11” energy. This Master Number shows up as both her Life Purpose and as her fully adult Power. Despite the perception that she is the establishment candidate, the “11” energy she carries is that of the trailblazer, change agent, reformer, healer and teacher. It gives her creativity, adds to her ability to reach out to connect with the people, and to carry a mass movement forward – even if it is Bernie Sanders who started it!.

To both her credit and detriment, Hillary Clinton is more grounded and pragmatic than Donald Trump. It is important to her to know the fundamental answers to important questions, and how to get things done. Indeed, putting ideas into action and getting things done is how she shows her love for people. It is simply how she is wired at a core level of her being. It’s why she traveled more miles than any other previous Secretary of State, and visited over 100 countries.

This pragmatic quality is a good thing, and would make for a hard-working President. But, this same pragmatic quality makes her a less inspiring campaigner than was Bernie Sanders in the primary, or Barack Obama was in 2008. I’m sure that Hillary Clinton wonders why people don’t see her innate practicality as a bigger virtue.

Her chart shows that Hillary Clinton really wants to connect with people, but has a tough time doing it on an emotional level. Being a little less serious, and more emotionally present is a growth area for her.

Hillary Clinton’s “modes of perception” profile shows her to be quite intuitive, a creative thinker, not prone to get emotionally stuck, and someone who has a need to take action on a physical level in support of people and relationships. This is actually a profile that many people would wish to have.

The Shadow: The major downside to Clinton’s energetic profile is the potential to get trapped in materialism and power games. Particularly as a woman in American politics, mastery of both money and power has been required to generate her impressive resume. Yet, it is also why people question her motives. They sense that she is not quite as selfless as Bernie Sanders, and this is probably true. But, it is clear that she is more selfless than Donald Trump. The potential for Hillary Clinton to be seduced by the dark side is definitely there. My bet is that what people read as insincerity is actually a product of two things: 1) A hunger to be the first woman president and break that loftiest of glass ceilings in American politics; and 2) an awkwardness in connecting with people on an emotional level. She has also been on the political stage for 30 years during which time she has been frequently attacked. This also seems to cause her to wall herself off and be secretive.

In spite of this, her overall chart shows that Hillary Clinton can be a good president who will work hard on behalf of the people.

Energies for 2016: The force of Destiny is pulling Hillary Clinton forward this year. She is carrying the kind of powerful energies that show she has a very good chance to win the presidency – an “11” Year Purpose (the Connector), a “5” Year Path (the Bridge), a “7” Opportunity (Achievement), and an “8” Focus (Power & Leadership). That said, the “5” and “11” combination also make things changeable, so it promises  to be a wild ride with Donald Trump nipping at her heels most of the way to the November 8th election.

Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump is an enigma when it comes to his Mystical Numerology chart. His numbers show great power and potential that could be used for good purposes. His Life Purpose and Opportunity Numbers are both “8s,” the energy of Leadership and Power. “8” is also the number of pioneering and entrepreneurship, and also of competence, ability, and integrity. “8” is also the number of collaboration, teams, community ties and love – all aspects that Trump seems to be lacking.

His Path number is a “9,” the number of the Decision-Maker, Executive, Extrovert, and is also the number of Fortune – all of which makes perfect sense when compared with the man. Yet, people with the “9” energy are also quite often caretakers, diplomats, and compassionate leaders who promote community values and social cooperation. They are people who build foundations by believing in their dreams and making them a practical reality. None of these qualities fit comfortably with what we are seeing with Donald Trump as candidate. He may well believe in his own dreams, but he is not a builder – despite his own protestations to the contrary. Indeed, his rhetoric is divisive and, like George Wallace in the 1968 election, seeks to play on the worst fears of a frustrated public. He sews the seeds of separation and, through his words and actions, tears things down rather than building things up.

His Legacy Number is a “7” and this gives him drive, personal determination, and the desire to be an authority. The “7” – “9” combination leads to him being an authoritarian figure who would be more comfortable being a dictator like Vladimir Putin than a president.

His Soul Purpose, Power and Passion Numbers are all “12s.” This is the number of business, salesmanship, deal-making, and the energy of the fearless and self-assured risk-taker and crusader – qualities that are on display in the man we see as Donald Trump, the candidate. Other aspects of the “12” include service, honesty, fair play, and social justice. These more positive qualities seem to be sadly lacking from the man we see as the Republican nominee.

The “12” is the initiator and inspirer, the person of big dreams who has the ability to take us in new directions. And, for all of his bluster and bombast, it can be said that Trump is doing this quite effectively. We just don’t like the direction he is taking us. He has shattered the Republican Party and the conservative movement in America. It is clear that in the post-Trump era, the Republican Party will have to recreate and redefine itself. Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing. Lord knows, the values of the Tea-Party hijacked Republican Party are causing honest Abe Lincoln, the first Republican president, to turn over and over in his grave.

Donald Trump is, by nature, a doer, who values getting into action. The old business adage, “Ready, Fire, Aim,” fits him well. He is intuitive, shoots from the hip, and has a tendency to scatter his energies in too many directions at once. He is a fluid and adaptable thinker, but he also puts a virtual wall around his emotions. While he may be good at telling people where they stand with him, he is not comfortable with revealing how he genuinely feels about things. This is one of the reasons that he always attacks his critics and detractors. If he can keep his opponents off-balance, and make the conversation about them, he won’t have to reveal his own insecurities.

Like Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump’s Mayan Birthdate is “Aqabal,” the energy of endings and beginnings. When the positive side of this energy is used, it can be the catalyst for great good. Perhaps, in revealing the darkness that still exists in our society, Trump is bringing the potential for more light and greater good by showing us what needs healing. If that’s the case, then Trump will have been true to his Mayan Birth energy.

The Shadow: The darker side of Donald Trump is his narcissism (10 Year Purpose at birth), his egotistical, misogynistic and authoritarian qualities (all “9” shadow aspects), and the fact that he is an unrepentant serial liar (a “7” shadow aspect). The divisiveness and ability to play on the fear and anger of the voters are shadow aspects of the “7”–“12” combination in his chart.

I read recently that Republicans argue that President Obama’s executive actions have been a threat to constitutional order (even though Obama has issued far less executive orders than his Republican predecessors). The executive order Republicans are really referring to is the one that protects some 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation.

If it were true that Obama’s executive orders are truly a threat to constitutional order, just pause to consider what Donald Trump might do as President with the similar executive powers. He would also have the wide-ranging powers of the Justice Department to use if he felt similarly blocked by Congress (as Obama has), or – and this is the real scary one – if he felt personally aggrieved (and he always does). He has demonstrated no ability to restrain his natural impulse to bully anyone he considers to be an opponent or adversary. What do you imagine he would he do as President?

Energies for 2016: Trump has powerful energies for 2016. His Year Purpose is a “44/8” and “44” is the number of “power.” His Year Path is a “7” which gives him the personal drive and determination to overcome obstacles, especially in combination with his “15” Year Focus that adds follow-through and at least some modicum of practicality. His Mayan Year is “”9 Aj,” an energy that gives him influence with his block of disenfranchised voters. His Attainment and Task Numbers are both “9s,” another factor that is propelling him to the forefront in 2016, a “9” year. Sadly, the shadow side of the “7” and “9 Aj” combination is intolerance, divisiveness and a crusading rebelliousness. I believe that Donald Trump actually began his campaign as a protest candidate, and then got caught up in his ego.

As powerful as his numbers are for this year, there are limits. His monthly energies forecast a bleed-off of the early energy and momentum of his campaign, especially after Mars goes retrograde April 17 and remains retrograde through the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, July 18-21. His Mystical Numerology chart confirmed that he was going to have trouble through the both the Republican and Democratic Conventions. Indeed Donald Trump and his inflated ego is his own worst enemy.

I made the prediction back in April – when I first published the core of this analysis – that Hillary Clinton would win the elections because her numbers are slightly stronger. But, I also predicted that Donald Trump would actually give her a serious run for her money. And it would be emotionally exhausting for the country. Both of these predictions still seem to be on-target with the results that are emerging with less than three weeks left in the election campaign.

No matter how it turns out, I will be very glad when it is finally over!