Earth Mother Hug


Something new is being born. It has been gestating for some time. Last year, in 2017, we began to see glimmers of a mass awakening becoming reality. A new species of humanity is being born, something that evolutionary futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls Homo Universalis, the new Universal Human. This new birth will proceed more quickly in 2018, it will be easier to see, and it is now unstoppable.

Giving birth is not an easy process as any mother knows. The contractions and physical chaos that precede it are painful. Just so, as the new species moves through the birth canal, what we are witnessing on a global level represent the contractions of the birth process that push the newborn baby out into the world. It is indeed painful to experience and not at all pretty to watch.

The birth and transformation of a caterpillar (Homo sapiens) into a butterfly (Homo Universalis) provides another apt metaphor. The caterpillar goes through a complete meltdown in the chrysalis before emerging as the beautiful butterfly. Right now, on a global level, we are in the chrysalis phase. Old institutions are in meltdown mode as we wait for the imaginal cells of our new future, represented by an emerging mass awakening, to pull us forward into a new world.

Sadly, it seems that the old must fall away for the new to be born. This also happens with seeds when they are planted. Each individual seed sheds its outer layer and begins to quietly grow roots below the surface. At first, it looks like nothing is happening. Then, new sprouts begin to break through the surface of the soil.

The roots of the new consciousness have been silently growing. An acceleration is taking place in the energy, and most of you have been feeling it. Yet, even though we can feel it, the effects are largely unseen by the mainstream or appreciated by the mass consciousness of our global society. That’s going to change, so hang onto your hats. 2018 is the year when the seeds of Homo Universalis that have been germinating begin to sprout.

2018 represents a turning point. This year, the effects of all of our collective efforts to energize a global mass awakening will not only be more easily be seen, they will also more easily produce tangible results.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be difficulties. There certainly will. It has always been the way of things. There will be friction between the new and old, and push-back by the old guard in an effort to maintain the status quo. But, in the ultimate scheme of things, 2018 is the year that will prove that the Great Awakening is unstoppable. The tide is turning. Can you feel it?

Introductory Notes

My Mystical Numerology system uses a 13-month solar calendar that I created. On my calendar, 2018 begins on what is December 20, 2017. That means when January 1 rolls around on the Gregorian Calendar, we are already 13 days into the new year on my 13-month calendar!

When looking at 2018 from a Mystical Numerology perspective, there are two primary energies that are factors to consider. First, 2018 is an “11” Universal Year (2+0+1+8 = 11). Second, it also carries the “18” energy because it is year 18 of the new century. Both the “11” and “18” energies carry important teachings for us in 2018.

What follows is a detailed description of each of these energies and how they are likely to affect us throughout the year. … Specific predictions for the coming year will be included in a separate blog post.

2018 as an “11” Universal Year

“11” is considered one of the master numbers because of its connection with the Divine Source and the Buddhic Plane. It is the energy of universal love and understanding, and of intuitive consciousness. On a mystical level, it is the number of the avatar, hierophant, seer, healer and teacher.

If you have been experiencing an acceleration in the past month or so, it may be partly due to the energy of the New Year that is affecting you and pulling you forward. 2018 is a high-energy year and, if you have not already, you will feel it!

The energy of 2018 energizes and amplifies natural abilities, intuitive consciousness and inner seeing. The “11” energy of the year makes it easier and more likely for you receive new insights, visions, powerful dream messages, and inner guidance – as if the hairs on your head are individual antennae connecting your intuitive consciousness to the realm of higher vision. This has already started for some of you.

Stay aware. Insights may come in a flash of intuitive knowing, or in dreams, or as a product of increased curiosity that motivates you to search for answers. During all of 2018, it is easier to receive innovative new ideas, gain a sudden new understanding about something, make a discovery, or have a creative breakthrough. The nice thing is that the energy for this year also provides opportunities to work with inspiration that you receive on a practical, real-world level.

Taken a step further, “11” is the number of extraterrestrial, intergalactic beings, and ultra-terrestrial (interdimensional) beings, and of interdimensional awareness. In this context, is not a surprise that the U.S. Pentagon has recently revealed some of their own UFO research. You have to wonder if this is a prelude to a more overt recognition of our star brothers and sisters, and the fact that we are not alone in the universe.

2018 is an active period. Make no mistake about that. While it is a wonderful time for increasing your internal powers and strengthening your spirit, it is not a time to sit on top of the mountain and meditate. When you receive guidance this year, it is a good bet that you are supposed to get into action and do something about it.

This year, your guidance may urge you to step out onto a larger stage. It may provide experiences that will prompt you to begin to share with others what you have to teach, or move you forward to become a trailblazer, change agent, or a reformer in some way. You may make a new discovery or build a foundation for something new. In doing so, you may become connected with a broad-based, even worldwide, cross-section of people. This has happened to my wife Jeanne White Eagle and myself in the past. And yet, in the run-up to 2018, we have been connected to an entirely new worldwide network through our participation with Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Awaken the New Species initiative.

Here’s a telling aspect of this year’s “11” energy and its accelerating effect. Our friend and mentor Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, once described the “11” energy to me this way, “It is like being dragged by the feet, kicking and screaming over a cliff so you can learn that you can fly.” What does that mean in practical terms? It means that you may be given guidance to do something that you are not sure how to do, or even if it is something that you want to do, but you feel compelled to go forward with anyway. An “11” period, like 2018, does not favor the faint of heart.

Boldness and commitment are favored this year. As Goethe said,

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it; Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Make this a mantra for 2018.

“11” is the energy of manifestation. 2018 is an auspicious time to focus your intention and attention to manifest your needs and desires, including creating an increased level of prosperity, especially since it is also an “18” year (see below).

“11” is also the number of sound. The Australian aborigines say we are singing ourselves and our world into existence. Whatever you want to manifest at this time will be aided by putting it into the spoken word through, for instance, affirmations. Even more powerful is to put your intention into a spontaneous song using the vowel sounds, ah, eh, iii, oh and uu, for they are the fundamental sounds of creation.

On an interpersonal level, this is a good year for cooperative ventures. You can connect with collective emotional knowledge and more easily pull a group together behind a vision or single purpose. It is a favorable time for volunteerism, charity and service-oriented activities. You can build social capital during this time, and bring projects, ventures and events to critical mass during 2018.

This is a year that gives a boost to mass movements. Perhaps you will start one yourself! 2018 is the year of emergence when a critical mass for awakening the new species is achieved!

Shadow: The “11” energy of 2018 can bring sudden changes and unexpected insights and events. This can also include large fluctuations in the stock market, values of cryptocurrencies, and other financial investments. This can be a good thing if you stay on top of things, but it can be a wild ride. If you don’t surf the waves of change, 2018 can challenge your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

You can feel like you’ve been plugged into an electric socket, at least at first. There will likely be periods this year that you may feel overwhelmed by an unexpected shift in the course of your life. Intuitive insights, dreams or visions that you receive can create a sense of psychic, cognitive and emotional overload.

The danger for some people is that they may then seek to shut this new energy off through self-destructive and/or compulsive behaviors. This can lead to self-indulgence, self-pity or both. In severe cases, individuals become belligerent, coercive and do their best to dominate and control events and outcomes. Alternately, other people shut down on an emotional level, become numb, passionless and neglectful.

Note: There’s no telling how this may affect our narcissistic president, who already exhibits belligerent, coercive, and dominating (bullying) behaviors. It is likely that it will make his actions even more severe and outrageous. He may even go through some kind of an emotional meltdown. But, here’s the thing. Neither he or we are not really in control. We only have an illusion of control. The difference is that this year, events will conspire to leave no doubt that something larger is guiding events. This is can be wonderful if you are in sync with the direction that the energy is flowing. But if you are running against the wind, or swimming against the tide, you will very likely be overpowered.

A collective form of the shadow energy is materialism, power games, exploitation, ego-trips and the “we’re-better-than-you” mentality. Actually, the $1.5-trillion tax cut in the U.S. was passed at the beginning of 2018 on my 13-month calendar, and is an example of this materialism and exploitation that primarily benefits the rich.

Another shadow aspect is that during this year, you will have to watch out for the crazies that may cross your path, especially the fanatic believers (religious, political or business), and their misguided ideas of righteous retribution toward others with different beliefs.

What is really at the core of these personal or collective behaviors is a fear of change, or an unwillingness to open up to a more spiritual level that is seeking expression.

Flip Wilson, a famous black comedian in the early 1970s, used to say, “They gonna be in trouble when we take over.” This is true for this year. As the great awakening reaches critical mass, lots of things will change. People in high places in current society and positions of authority in government and business will need to have a care because they will reap the fruits of past efforts and behaviors.

We can see that a process of cleansing has already started, and women have been the catalyst with the “Me Too” movement that has rightfully gone viral. Celebrities, politicians, journalists and business leaders have all been toppled by their inappropriate sexual behaviors. Workplace environments are going to change as a result. It is a good first step, but also the harbinger of further changes that are coming in 2018.

2018 as an “18” Year

The “18” energy merges the energies of the emotional and mental realms (heart → head) but, throughout this year, it is the heart that is directing the show.

“18” is the elemental power of “fire,” the energy of hope, and the ability to inspire awe in others. It represents the transcendent archetypal creative world where the seeds of new ideas are born. These seeds represent the virtual creation that precedes the actual objective creation in physical reality – the fully realized thing already inherent in the seed; the imaginal cells with the blueprint of the new world that is pulling us forward into a higher-dimensional awareness.

The “18” energy throughout this year is teaching us that the power of seeding is accomplished by emotions that energize our intentions and thought patterns. It is the power of conceptualization and the ability to seed new ideas and create new things. This is an important reason why 2018 is a turning point. The seeds of ideas and new awareness already planted have germinated and taken root, and will sprout and become real this year.

2018 is the year for the way-showers. In other words, this is the year when the awakened ones of the emerging new species, Homo Universalis, have the ability to show the way for others to follow. Individually and collectively, we can more easily influence others, bring hope for new growth, and have a broad impact within our spheres of influence. It will be exciting to watch how this will begin to reshape, restructure and change our world for the better.

We all carry the “seed” energy throughout 2018. That means we have an ability to plant new ideas, start new initiatives, and cultivate and expand things – ideas, children, plants, animals, relationships, projects, businesses, networks, intangibles such as love or respect, and so on.

An “18” period can be an active time when you are prompted to get into action to make something, chart a new path, or explore new ideas. It is an especially powerful time of good beginnings. The combination of the “11” and “18” energies for the year means that whatever you start in earnest with a belief you can do it, gets a boost and is more likely to succeed. Be bold and be committed.

Anything that begins during this period has a positive future. It is the best time to begin any sort of love relationship or business relationship and to win back something that was presumed to be lost – such as a lost love, or lost friendship, and so on. The energy of this time brings blessings and hope. It is generally a time of greater abundance that brings the fruits of love and understanding.

“18” is recognized as the energy of creation by the Mayan people. In their culture, the energy of this period is used to select and prepare the seed for cultivation during the next planting season. In a more general sense, the “18” energy applies to cultivating anything in the early phases of development such as children, animals, new relationships or partnerships, new business enterprises, new jobs, projects or endeavors, as well as intangible qualities like ideas and visions, love and romance, understanding, respect, and so forth. In short, this is the time to plant the seeds for anything that you desire to manifest in the future. It is a time to ask Spirit for what you truly want.

During an “18” year, your emotional and mental well-being and the emotional and mental well-being of others steps forward to demand your attention. And, since this time often brings blessings, this is generally a good thing. New possibilities open up.

If you have been feeling lost, you can find your way again, or help others find their way. If your life is just fine, perhaps a new way or path reveals itself to expand your potential and broaden your horizons. You might find a new and better way to do something, or develop a new system as I did with Mystical Numerology. You can be driven forward by a heightened sense of curiosity that is matched by the persistence and resourcefulness to make things happen in the “real world.”

This is actually a good time for businesses and the governing administrators and boards to make collective decisions, and move forward with new projects. This is a time of social integration on a collective level, so it is also an auspicious time for business acquisitions in which two corporate cultures need to mesh in relative harmony. Only make sure that due diligence is given to basic, block-and-tackle issues, and that the focus is on being fair and honest.

Shadow: The “18” period can be a time during which you are challenged to learn something new. At the time you want to get into action, you may have to deal with annoying little details. On a larger scale, you may even find that you have to stand up against the crowd for something you believe. Standing your ground is a positive aspect. Just make sure that it doesn’t develop into a general attitude of stubbornness.

Guard against fear and superstition during this time. Fear can create a witch’s brew of attitudes and behaviors including mistrust, coercion, territoriality, and self-justification. Alternately, it can also lead to a brooding sadness, a bleak outlook on the world, and an unhealthy meekness that inhibits positive thoughts and actions. You can fall prey to these shadow qualities during 2018, or find that others who carry these attitudes and behaviors cross your path.

During an “18” year, it is also prudent to be aware of others who attempt to take advantage of you and your good nature. Don’t give in to hype, and don’t let yourself be bluffed or cajoled into doing something that doesn’t feel right. Do your best to maintain appropriate boundaries.